Seraph Armour Skin Microtransactions in SotV

I was waiting for the notes :(
IGN: HowToDoADab
wtb patch notes
looks ok, but again its way too expensive
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all nerfed dead!
Last edited by Sirais on Mar 3, 2014 5:37:03 AM
Awesome! Neat textures and look! Hopefully we'll see more of these! (and at a stash-tab-ish price, maybe? :)
Cool skin btw. Waiting for patch note!
Does this give the templar pants :(
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WE've seen that already. Give notes :)
Probably 1000 points for the full bundle, including discount. :\
IGN: vaiNe_
More Barbie Dolls!!!!!!!! Bring on the fxxking content already!!!!!
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