Sacrifice of the Vaal: Teaser Screenshot #3

vasdcrak wrote:
Chris wrote:

So...corruption changs implicit mods?

Don't forget this picture.

The spark skill on the skill bar has a red dot! corrupter gems too?!?!?

Yes, read the teaser page for the expansion.

It says:
"The Vaal influence has corrupted equipment, skill gems, maps, and even areas of Wraeclast itself."
looking fantastic. so now I have titanfall, darksouls 2, and PoE all contending with each other in March(well maybe not darks souls 2 from the look of it.)

look forward to next week!

Completed 19 Challengesiao wrote:
My guess is the Fireball gem was used to corrupt the Blackheart to somehow create the cast speed modifier. But what was done to the Fireball gem? Was it given the added physical damage?

Now I'm just thinking corrupted currency, or that corrupted items interact with currency differently.

Chromatic Orbs can process white sockets.
Gemcutter's Prisms can change the gem's quality bonus modifier.
Blessed Orbs can change an item's implicit modifier.

etc. etc. etc.
same name in-game
Maybe a new mod will allow you to deflect projectiles back to attackers!
corrupted is more like when use the atack you stack yourself,is screwed to mess up with implicit in uniques but maybe not them all

Completed 10 ChallengesDale wrote:
Maybe the red area on the dock is a 'corruption site'? Bring your item to it and corrupt it?

What I thought when I saw the red site was that these 'Corrupted' sites spawns specials mobs that have corrupted mods (maybe) and also drop corrupted items when slain.

On this screenshot Chris must have gotten a uniq ring from the mob?
maybe a corrupted item has higher chances to roll better stats like higher chance to 6L, chance to get white sockets etc. as a tradeoff the corrupted items are bound to its user / account once equipped. that would have interesting impacts on the games economy!
IGN: Emwega
New HC League Corrupted?
New SC League who cares
How awesome would it be if corrupted meant that the corrupted skill/spell/wep could friendly fire...
IGN SquidFist

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