Sacrifice of the Vaal: Teaser Screenshot #3

GGG pls ;____; dat gem doe
Went to the army to prepare for longer poe sessions
maybe some kind of randomly genersted side-areas with increased difficulty (mods) and rewsrds?

IGN: Eric_Lindros
CET: Timezone
My guess is the Fireball gem was used to corrupt the Blackheart to somehow create the cast speed modifier. But what was done to the Fireball gem? Was it given the added physical damage?
same name in-game
Maybe you can´t use orbs on corrupted items???
corrupted gems can reroll implicit mods lol! fireball is now zombiespear
Chris wrote:

So...corruption changs implicit mods?

Don't forget this picture.

The spark skill on the skill bar has a red dot! corrupter gems too?!?!?
Etheral items from d2... Seems like the same idea.. Just reworked :)
IGN: @tagames
The Fireball gem is now subject to friendly fire. Please be careful
that's why i love this game

good job

IGN: againtrap
Maybe the red area on the dock is a 'corruption site'? Bring your item to it and corrupt it?
Onslaught // Dale

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