Sacrifice of the Vaal: Teaser Screenshot #3

Interesting possibilities
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Pretty excited for the crazy items that might be rolling.
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Waiting for more and more info :)
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Chris wrote:

So...corruption changs implicit mods?

Don't forget this picture.

I'm assuming corruption can change implicits on any item type but also has the chance to create a white socket instead, for items that have sockets.

But what might the downside to corruption be :(
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Very cool, wonder if we'll be able to add implicits to items without them
I just hope corrupted items can roll mods more interesting than 5% increased cast speed :)
o the possibilities nerdgasm
that fireball gem is red

updated or corrupted?
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Notice how the rings in the pic and the link are different. The one in the pic is 3.4 life regen, and the linked one is 3 exactly.
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many boats so..Sacrifice of the Vaal is in theopolis ?
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