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DoT's do not leech life. If that were the case everyone would simply use a life leech gem on every DoT skill.
This is what I'm thinking...

The Corrupted randomizes one "piece" of a piece of gear, which for the two pieces of gear we've seen it modified one socket into a White color, and the other modified the implicit into a totally new mod.

I'm thinking perhaps the random new corrupted mod is also a chaotic new modifier that pulls multiple parts X, Y, and Z In this case the X = Lightning Damage, the Y = Leech Life, and Z = 1% and is dependent on X. So he randomized a corrupted stat to change the implicit to a "1% of Lightning Damage Leeched back as Life", but he could've randomized it to 1% fire damage or 1% melee damage leech as life, or 1% Lightning Damage leeched as mana, or a number of other things. It would randomize where it goes and what it does, so you could get a socket change, an implicit stat change, or possibly an explicit change. It would be really interesting if they added a number of interesting things to it making it so you could get funny stats we've never seen before, like 1% chance to add Desecration on hit or Add 25 Fire Resist on dodge. There would be a great many different combinations, and it would basically mean that no item, no matter what, would truly be "perfect".
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wonder if gear becomes corrupted once equipped and cant be used again if unequipped

That's good thinking. Has to be a big catch somewhere.
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starting to realize that I'll have to spend a lot of regrets/redesign my new 4month build as I discover the new stuff...meh :D

You'll get an optional respec for all chars... ^^
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Chris wrote:
BIND ON ACCOUNT!!! nice way of not saying 'bind on account' but 'Corrupted'.. the whole concept relates to the storyline and hides that evil BoA depressant.

Embrace Corruption!

Corrupted items are not bound to an account or character.

Thank god. Bound items are the most awful shit ever. Super excited about the ele leech. :D
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Cannot wait for the mini expansion. GGG is awesome. The worst times are the weeks before the expansion when I'm just waiting on more info every day :(
Wow, I think I am getting what is going to occur.

You are going to have no choice when your gear starts to become corrupted. Certain stats are going to be messed up and could ruin it... however you do have the opportunity to uncorrupt your gear through differing methods. However, what if a gear peice you have becomes corrupted and you like what was change? You don't fix it then.
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whats current offer on that?

wait, did that thing switch the implicit mod to a random explicit mod? oh my.

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for gear and build
Even more RNG? Not good.
Hay chris I know you usually post buy-outs on items but I dont see one for the ammy please explain.

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