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So corrupted can change the internal stats, eh? nice :3

Has anybody thought maybe corrupted means its not in a live league. Like a corrupted file since the website is synced with the current game patch. I don't know if they confirmed its a new thing or not but when i first saw corrupted in the other spoiler I assumed that's what it meant.
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I love how everyone assumes these corrupted items will be an OP picnic.

They're going to enable some neat new builds and playstyles, however I can guarantee you they will come with some major negative drawbacks.

We can speculate as to what they are but using corrupted gear and skill gems will clearly have some sort of downside you'll have to work around.
I want that ammy for my discharger.
Nevermind, what I was writing about was swiftly removed.
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maybe corrupted items could disappear after period-time ?
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JinX are winning.

In other news. Corruption has started to sink in, life shall never be the same.
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BkPlayran wrote:
maybe corrupted items could disappear after period-time ?

I Don't think they will just disappear.
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Having an item just disappear isn't really you sacrificing anything. It will just be gone without any sacrificial actions on your part.
I better check my email for that code.

Can't wait for my hoodie :D
i dont think coruppting has any downside .. i just think the game will be harder in 1.1
we dont even know the "league", with another "nemesis-ish"-mod the game need stuff like that :p

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