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Today we started sending out J!NX redemption codes for the physical merchandise in the Release Supporter Packs (Exalted Orb hoodies and t-shirts). If you have purchased a Champion or Conqueror pack, you should have received an email with a redemption code and web address to redeem it. If you purchase one of those packs from now on, you'll get an email right away with your code. Thanks again for the continued support!

In related news, the cutoff date for redeeming J!NX codes for our last set of supporter packs (the Open Beta ones) is February 28! We've been mailing people to remind them, and thankfully almost everyone has redeemed their codes. The redemption code and address should be in your email. If you need any help, please contact

I was testing some Sacrifice of the Vaal stuff today and was a little surprised by this result:

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iwantcoupons wrote:
BIND ON ACCOUNT!!! nice way of not saying 'bind on account' but 'Corrupted'.. the whole concept relates to the storyline and hides that evil BoA depressant.

Embrace Corruption!

Corrupted items are not bound to an account or character.
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