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Completed 13 ChallengesNeutronova wrote:
Chris wrote:
BIND ON ACCOUNT!!! nice way of not saying 'bind on account' but 'Corrupted'.. the whole concept relates to the storyline and hides that evil BoA depressant.

Embrace Corruption!

Corrupted items are not bound to an account or character.

What is this? Answers to questions?! What is corruption then?! come on, just a hint.......plz

It's more probably that moa will return, that that there will be anything not tradeable in tradecore economic simulator for tradecore traders.
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I think there will be an orb of corruption that will change 1 thing about an item to something else. It may change the socket, it may change the implicit, or it may even change an explicit mod you rolled on a crafted item.

Corruption by definition is taking over something that already exist. Nothing is corrupted by nature. Obviously Chris is showing us positive effects of the orbs (white sockets, mods we can't normally get). I think however, there will be bad mods as well.
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Jiman wrote:
Wow, I think I am getting what is going to occur.

You are going to have no choice when your gear starts to become corrupted. Certain stats are going to be messed up and could ruin it... however you do have the opportunity to uncorrupt your gear through differing methods. However, what if a gear peice you have becomes corrupted and you like what was change? You don't fix it then.

This is close to what I'm thinking aswell.
Maybe certain areas will start to corrupt your gear as you spend time in these areas.
Maybe it'll randomly start to change either sockets, implicit or explicit mods, or maybe even links on your gear as time goes by inside these instances but then turn back to it's origin as you leave these corrupted areas.

If so, that can be extremely dangerous.
For example, taking in the fact that alot of ppl use jewellery with all resistances mods that could suddenly be corrupted and shift to something else, leaving you with lower resist.
Just a thought...

Might also be a new sort of enemy that corrupts your gear in a variety of ways. On hit, on kill, on getting hit by, through certain corrupting skills or whatever.
Speculation is fun :)
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Good stuff, Good stuff. :)
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Thanks for the update, Chris! beer_mug

I finally received the physical goods from J!NX for my Open Beta, Exalted Supporter Pack. Although, it took about 7 or 8 months. tongue

I received the Redemption Code for my Release, Conqueror Supporter Pack yesterday. I have already entered it on J!NX to select my T-shirt and hoodie sizes. Thanks! thumbsup

I just hope we all get our "goods" before next year. (At least I know what to expect this time -- which means, I won't be bothering GGG Support so much. wink)
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Hmm Corrupted items. Then will there also be blessed items. :P

Wonder how it will work out.
Damn Latency issues.
Might come back in a few seasons.
Completed 25 ChallengesStrayYoshi wrote:
whats current offer on that?

wait, did that thing switch the implicit mod to a random explicit mod? oh my.

That would be an awesome new currency.
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Might be something for the new softcore league. When you die your gear gets some corruption? ;)
Chris knows how to make us want to play the new league >D so far all the screenshots and items are very interesting :)
Will it be possible to download the patch before actual launch of new league?
Chris knows how to make us want to play the new league >D

Not for everybody, I don't see anything what would make me want to repeat early gearing chores, will wait for July to see what will be added to Standard.
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