1.0.6 Patch Notes

Anyway, it's great yet again to see a few rotten people ruining everything for others.
That isn't whats happening at all. It is literally impossible for GGG to ever restrict someone from the number of clients they use. The "rotten" people you refer to can and will get around it, as they always have when a dev makes a change like this.

If anyone is "ruining" anything for you, its GGG and their outdated thinking.
very good summoner changes (Sadly snapshot exploit is still here)

survivality -> roof

flesh offering bonus is crazy fun (but icon/timer is needed, badly!)
desacrate+dd == OP, most facerol combo ever
raging spirit is a mistery.. hopefully someone can test its mechanic because it just spawns and deals no dmg and tooltip says nothing
All skill gems and items for summoner??
Sigh, and so much disappointed at GGG.
Did this patch nerf/fix Cast on Death and Remote Mine with Raise Zombies?
Awesome new ! Great changes for my minions :)

<I Like it !>
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Great patch. But a respecc for summoners would have been nice. To get some of the new nodes higher level summoners have nearly no chance.
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I don't really get several points in this "patch".

Why increasing the damage of already totally overpowered mobs ?
Why nerfing one of the few good supportskils ?
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You can now only run a maximum of two copies of Path of Exile simultaneously on one computer.

Does botting will become harder?? An average of 6 accounts/pc to 2 seems to be a nice start.
The logical continuation is to ask yourself why so many people are botting? (answer start by Ga**le system)
Sounds great!

I can't wait to test the new changes.

Good work.
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These notes forgot to include the additional random crashes that will now occur.

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