1.0.6 Patch Notes

evouga wrote:
People are complaining about 2+ clients being disallowed?

How the $@#& do you even play with 3 or more clients open on the same computer at the same time? Without abusing scripts? Seems... implausible.

Some of us don't play every client at the same time with some dodgy script. Some of us like to have prema portals open at strategic locations. some of us just are really strange and trade with ourselves too :D

I have 2 Monitors. One has whichever account I am currently playing in on it, and the other monitor has 2 halfsized clients running on it. I can actually manage to half play 2 chars at the same time if I really concentrate and it's not a really hard area (ledge is kinda easy to play 2 at once) but it takes a lot of swishing the mouse between monitors.

for me at least, 3 clients is the optimum number and I will miss my private party of 3 :(

Anyway, it's great yet again to see a few rotten people ruining everything for others.
THIS GAME IS CRASHING SO BAD! I CANT PLAY ANYMORE..... every time i get into a fight with a bnmch of mons it freezes up and then just crashes. Are you guys fixing this or going to put up a post about this? I really don't want to keep playing if I'm just going to die or get cut off every couple mins...

please post or update saying your going to fix... :D

steam just loaded another 1.2 mb. what was changed/fixed?
Chris wrote:

The damage of the bombs of the Undying Incinerators and Undying Alchemists has been increased.

Please tell me this is some sort of cruel joke.

Why, of all of the creatures in the game, would you BUFF those. Buff the creatures that are weak instead of making the most deadly even deadlier.
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Even after the latest download, the game still crashes when CWDT procs sometimes. I'm running Firestorm, Summon Spectre, Molten Shell and Enduring Cry. Crashed 2x less than 5 minutes into combat since logging in after the new patch.

It doesn't crash every time it procs, seems to be only when LOTS of other stuff is happening. Char getting frozen, lots of projectiles on screen ect..
Kreanos wrote:
Raging Spirits!? No Dmg listed, no improves by level ups... Looks like, there will be a fast Bug-Fix...

AND in funny thing, one of my Raging Spirits got "headshooted" by an archer, and die arrow got extremly big in his head... like 1000% bigger...

Hope for Fixes,
but all in all a nice patch!!!

Heh, had this happen to me as well, but couldn't replicate
the damage etc of PLAYER summoned minions is buffed.
Does this mean TRAP summoned minions do not get the buff?

Nice !!!!!
Completed 18 ChallengesLudvator wrote:
on more thing: since OB we are getting multiple buffs to players damage/survavibility, many powerfull uniques/skills were added. Can we expect some difficulty increases to counter this? Im little bit worried game becomes easier with every content patch

Yes its getting easier when you play only Docks. Try to play some maps... I saw your profile and you dont even have one player above lvl 78.
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Completed 10 ChallengesYesu wrote:
All the changes for summoners with all the nodes:
+20% life
-40% increase damage
+20% ias/fc
2.5% life regen
16% all res
4% LL
20% chaos res

Rather nice overall.

How do you calculate this? Minion Life is increased by 4%, not 20%.

Old Skill Tree: +80%
Death Attunement Cluster: 3 * 10%
Grave Consequences Cluster: 2 * 10%
Grave Intentions Cluster: 2 * 10%
Lord of the Dead Cluster: 10%

New Skill Tree: +84%
Death Attunement Cluster: 2 * 10% + 7% + Life Regen
Grave Consequences Cluster: 2 * 10%
Grave Intentions Cluster: 10% + 7% + CR
Lord of the Dead Cluster: 10%
Gravepact Cluster: 10%
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