1.0.6 Patch Notes

Game has crashed twice during early stages of my map. Was not happening before this patch.
Raging Spirits!? No Dmg listed, no improves by level ups... Looks like, there will be a fast Bug-Fix...

AND in funny thing, one of my Raging Spirits got "headshooted" by an archer, and die arrow got extremly big in his head... like 1000% bigger...

Hope for Fixes,
but all in all a nice patch!!!
Shame no tree reset with the summoner tree changes.

Any plans on making summoners less squishy? It seems like life leech on short duration pets should feed life to the summoner since they act like nukes. It is great fun to lose 5 hours of xp gain to piercing shot titty bitch spam or the like. Especially now that (after fkn forever) you fixed necromantic aegis to work so I'll actually be giving up my shield stats.
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Lots of lots good changes in this patch. Great stuff!
IGN: MinusFour/Teeda
flameblast doesnt always do dmg to camouflaged mobs
What are the 5 new uniques?
My game client is crashing after the patch. Crashed 4 or 5 times before I gave up (it never happened before).
It seems to happens when I summon zombies or specters via CODT.

I already sent the dxdiag via email, lets hope there's a quick fix to this.
When I select the minion elemental resistance node, the minion resistance on the tooltip does not change. it only shows the resistance from the support skill...

is there any chance the tooltip could show the total value from both sources (obviously we can do the math ourselves but it would be neat that way) It would also make me more confident that it actually is added. I'm assuming it is but haven't had time to test it yet.
Summon raging spirit FEELS terrible to use. The delay between cast and the spirit starting to move creates a huge disconnect. This isn't a functionality issue, skill seems to work fine, but it feels like crap to use. Simple fix make the skull move at cast. I'd rather it travel to my cursor and if it finds an enemy along the way then attack, but that would be ideal. It really just needs to move on cast instead of a second or 2 after.
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