1.0.6 Patch Notes

Ur guys should be waiting right now or just train lvl gems. Alot of ppl in Global n SG Garena keep crashing about 5-10mins when summon spectre + raging spirits. I cant really understand the current reason.
Love this Patch...good work GGG
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Very very bad pach! crap legendarys -30 dps for minions! crap skills ! I really start hateing this game..
and after the pach drop from maps so poor idk why !
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RNGeezus is not on your side, I'd guess.
Route1 wrote:
Anyone else excited about the poison arrow boost besides me? lol

I am. ;-) This kind of build works better: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/706027
Patch 1.0.6 causes many client crashes, which I had not experienced before.
almostdead wrote:
Completed 1 ChallengeGoBBLeS666 wrote:
Seriously? No love for Animated Guardian?
This skill really needs some attention.
With a summoner patch not having anything about this skill, it feels like they think it's good enough, which I think is sad. So much potential wasted imo :/

Because it is good enough

Ehm no, you can't keep it alive without babysitting it. Nobody want to spend good items for it because they'll just lose it to some random yellow mob.

Putting new items on it to recover HP was just a band aid, which essentially compounted the problem with the guardian and you don't want to put random items on your guardian to heal it in the heat of battle (which you're appearently gonna do if it's up to ggg) if you've JUST put on some good gear.
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What kind of crappy idea is that anyway, supplying 1 major content patch while there's still a 1 week race going on?
Couldn't GGG wait for just another day?
sank's GGG for the nice plaing time!
Just started leveling a new summoner today, up to level 32. Really liking the sum of the changes since last time I tried a summoner. Used to be so weak early on, now strong all the way. Also a lot more active than the old 'walk around while minions kill everything.'

-Raging Spirits is pretty good. Basically a nuke that takes advantage of the minion damage nodes you're taking anyway. I'd like to see it last a bit longer. I'll have to try an Increased Duration support when I can, but a % increase to a small number is still small. Also would be nice to have some way of getting them on a specific target.

-Desecrate I really like for fueling other spells. I can resummon zombies on bosses with it, or use it to boost a Flesh Offering. Damage feels pretty small but it is more of a bonus to me anyway.

-Flesh Offering is a nice damage "cooldown" (limited by corpses). As above, combos well with Desecrate.

-Bone Offering I'm a bit leery of, but I haven't tried it yet. It looks like the duration will be too short to offer any real survivability to the minions. But perhaps with enough duration nodes and a support it could be a nice replacement or complement to Necromantic Aegis.

-Old news, but new to me: Animate Guardian is better than I expected, but I'm still not sure I like it. Given mediocre items it feels about as good as a zombie, pretty weak for taking up a gem slot. Probably a lot better with good items, but seems too fragile for that kind of investment.

Just got Bone Offering as a drop and it seems to be mutually exclusive with Flesh Offering. Meh, probably not gonna bother with it now.
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