1.0.6 Patch Notes

after this patch, severe problem is occured.
I am 62lv. duelist in donmination league usually using skill; cyclone.
the problem is that the map I played is suddenly shut down n screen is changed to log in screen.

when it is occured;

1. I use cyclone skill among lots of monsters using some lighting or cold spell.

2. when CWDT with Immotal call is activated.

3. many many many graphical effects on screen.

this is happened after this patch. what's wrong ???? Just happened only to me?????

my bug report ref number is 2244852595.
You guys worked really hard and it shows.

Gonna enjoy playing this as of patch 2.0 for sure.
Regarding Rise Zombie AI .. It seems they group on target that is nearest to you...
and they seem to brake focus on targeted mob to attack ones near flesh offering.

With these mechanics i can control them perfectly...
Didn't played summoner before so i don't know how it was before 1.0.6
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before 1.0.6, they more or less made a wall for you to hide behind, now they try to kill shit. kinda nice. but i preferred the wall ai, and then using my spectres and skeles to deal damage...
amazing :)
Chris wrote:
Version 1.0.6
  • Added two new vendor recipes.

Any one knows what are them?
Ok, steam is updating something now but I cant find the patch notes for that. What's this about?
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Nice update. I'd still like to see a friends list sorter instead of just being able to add notes. Having to scroll up and down is a pain sometimes. Keep up the good work!
Chris wrote:
Version 1.0.6
Major Features/Content:
  • Added a new Intelligence skill - Summon Raging Spirit: Summons a short-lived flaming skull that rushes at nearby enemies and attacks them rapidly. Enemies cannot directly engage these spirits and can pass through them.
  • Added a new Dexterity/Intelligence skill - Desecrate: Desecrates the ground, summoning corpses and dealing chaos damage to all enemies in the area.
  • Added a new Intelligence skill - Flesh Offering: Consumes a corpse, temporarily empowering your minions with swiftness (attack, cast and movement speed). The skill consumes other nearby corpses, increasing the duration for each corpse consumed.
  • Added a new Intelligence skill - Bone Offering: Consumes a corpse, temporarily granting all of your minions the power to block both attacks and spells. The skill consumes other nearby corpses, increasing the duration for each corpse consumed.
  • Summon Raging Spirit is first available to the Templar and Witch from the "Breaking some Eggs" quest on Normal Difficulty.
  • Desecrate is available to the Templar, Shadow and Witch from the "Delving Into Sin" quest and to the Ranger from the "Lost in Love" quest on Normal Difficulty.
  • Flesh Offering and Bone Offering are first available to the Witch and Templar from the "Lost in Love" quest on Normal Difficulty and to the Shadow and Scion from the "A Caged Brute" quest on Cruel difficulty.
  • Added five new Unique items, two of which were designed by supporters.
  • Added two new cosmetic microtransactions: Lightning Skull Helmet Skin and Arctic Skull Helmet Skin.
  • Added two new Achievements: Band Together and Full Clear: Ship Graveyard Cave.
  • Added two new vendor recipes.

Minor Features/Content:
  • You can now add notes to people on your friends list. Right click the contact and select "Edit Note". By default, new friends now have a note saying what their character name was when you added them.
  • You can now only run a maximum of two copies of Path of Exile simultaneously on one computer.
  • Hillock now uses the same triggered effect that the Blacksmith does, in Cruel and Merciless difficulties. The damage of the poison cloud produced by his zombies has been reduced in all instances (including Maps).
  • The Blood Weta Pet has been renamed to the Gore Weta Pet.
  • The client now fetches the next Daily Deal when the current one ends.

Minion Balance:
  • The life progression of all player summoned minions and totems has been changed. Minions and totems now have more life at lower levels (+50% at level one) and around the same life by approximately gem level 21.
  • The damage of Raised Zombies has been increased by around 50%. The additional damage bonuses at higher levels of the gem have been removed.
  • The mana cost of the Summon Skeletons skill has been reduced at all levels. Summoned skeletons now do around 40% more damage at all levels.
  • The Animate Weapon skill now adds a flat physical damage to the weapon. The animated weapon has had its innate elemental resistance values increased.
  • Added five new minion passive skills, added additional stats to existing notables, and updated many minion passives to include Minion Attack and Cast Speed, Minion Life Regeneration, Minion Life Leech, Minion Elemental Resistances, Minion Chaos Resistances and Minion Block Chance.

Duration Balance:
  • The Increased Duration support gem duration bonus has been reduced from 50-83% (depending on level) to 45-64%. Its quality bonus has been halved.
  • Immortal Call, Blood Rage, Conversion Trap, Animate Weapon and Frost Wall have had their base duration increased by 25%.
  • Firestorm, Poison Arrow, Ice Shot, Arctic Armour, Arctic Breath, Curses and Smoke Mine have had their base duration increased by 10%.

General Balance:
  • Poison Arrow's damage has been increased at higher levels. It now does roughly 35% more damage at gem level 15.
  • Desecrated Ground, created by the unique Lightbane Raiment and the new skill Desecrate, now deals flat chaos damage per minute rather than a percentage of life as chaos damage.
  • The damage of the bombs of the Undying Incinerators and Undying Alchemists has been increased.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed some issues with the DPS display on attacks linked to offensive trigger gems.
  • Fixed some optional dialogues required for the All Ears achievement.
  • Fixed a bug where Necromantic Aegis did not correctly give base block chance to minions.
  • Fixed a bug where the drop audio for Wheel of the Stormsail was for metal rather than wood.
  • Fixed crashes with some skills when they were echoed by the Echoing Shrine.
  • Fixed a bug where Righteous Fire was not correctly supported by the Item Quantity or Item Rarity support gems.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters that use Puncture would not use it if the target was cursed.
  • Fixed a bug where no icon would be displayed if Conversion Trap was used on you.

Thanks very much for your continued support! Enjoy the patch.
the removal of the item quantity gem from quest reward is missing inside that patch note...
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