1.0.0f Patch Notes

Pibadi wrote:
Mythicpoe wrote:
You guys have alpha testers for a reason right?
Why implement an awesome gem into the game, then start nerfing it?


They will be continually rebalancing the game for quite some time, just like every other online game in existence.
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Qarl wrote:

  • Albino Rhoa Event.

trololol ;P

I just hope that they dont nerf cast on dmg taken to the point that it's worthless. It's kind of sad that they introduce an awesome gem like that and then quickly nerf it because it's effective. It's not like it makes you invincible, you still have to play and pay attention.

It's also one of the things that really help melee's. We kind of need that added protection since we have to get up close to the monsters. Range has always been so much more effective. Don't nerf it too hard!

This is the issue, if something helps melee out generally it helps ranged players out as well so they nerf the range side which almost always hits melee as well.
any plan on fixing the Infinite loop stacking spell from cast on damage taken and reflect?

That's exactly what the cooldown prevents.
WTF is Albino Rhoa Event...
I've encountered an Albino Rhoa before, it wasn't an event :(!
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And the eternal quest of GGG to make endgame more awful each patch continues...

All these new players, most of them won't be retained when they find the game's "endgame" is completely fucked up. No shit people will want to RMT, with GGG extreme fixation about the 'economy' (for some odd reason current generation of game designers have been brainwashed by all this 'economicism' in games, then most of the people is driven to 'casual' games, some of them actually more hardcore in GENUINE DIFFICULTY, no mere stat checks, and abandon terrible MMO's and games and they wonder), but also a poor balance at it.

So now we are plagued by the always present problem of gating content because item progression, which has been made worse with terrible map drop rates, but also sitting in the whole screwed item progression and broken or non existent stick & carrot model. Risk/reward still super broken (doing brainless boss runs, wow very innovative, will yield you more wealth than destroying low level maps, now confirmed completely useless, cause item progression gaps are too high at the higher end), and in addition the unique 'legacy' problems are made worse with full release.

Really disheartening to see GGG missing the point and making it worse ever since CB.
Im sure you guys would use an Invincible button if they added one and then qq when it got nerfed.

I cant even begin to understand how ppl can think a zero mana cost gem is NOT op??? But then i realize game genie cheat codes has been a thing for ages. Stupid ppl will always ruin their own fun and then blame someone else. So nothing new here...

To clarify the "fun" part:
Using cheat codes is fun.... for a day or two! You dont spawn all gear in baldurs gate and go play for months. You quit after hours. Same here. Game's designed to last for years so take your god damn time or go play a shooter instead.
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Really disappointed about GGG approach on testing and balancing, example the adjustment to codt gem. Why adjust after release??? Why could it not be implemented in a more balanced way after testing????

GGG please adapt your approach based on feedback. Why do you keep on with major balancing in a massive live environment???

Let's go way back. Groundslam, Freezing Pulse too powerful. Nerfed. To be fair this was in beta. This is not the case any more! You have a released version of your game. In the long run it is not sustainable. You cannot continue with this approach, please adjust accordingly.
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Kenza wrote:
You cannot continue with this approach

They can, and they should.
Completed 18 Challengesmallow wrote:
Kenza wrote:
You cannot continue with this approach

They can, and they should.

A statement with no explanation does not do much for your view on this.

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