1.0.0f Patch Notes

Completed 24 Challengeskolton wrote:
Completed 16 Challengesvanisimo wrote:
Nice. But when do we have to expect the fix of auras running with blood magic items like Malachai's or Covenant?

That exploit has been rendered almost useless. Any time you change area you'll have to redo your auras with blood magic item(s).

I know that I need to recast them everytime I change the location. Therefore i'm asking if GGG is planing to do smth with it. So my question is, will it be fixed in the future or is it normal behavior since release? And the second question is, in case that this behaviour is normal, why did you GGG do that? It was working OK before release and now it's so fu... annoying to recast auras everytime.

Sorry for my english, not my native.
Mythicpoe wrote:
Completed 15 ChallengesCrowbarSr wrote:
Mythicpoe wrote:
You guys have alpha testers for a reason right?
Why implement an awesome gem into the game, then start nerfing it?

Looks like someone is mad his gem is getting nerfed.

Everyone uses it, idiot.


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