Cast when Damage Taken

well for me (BM user) its a nice way to compensate my 0 auras.. moltenshell clicking all the time every 10 seconds was really annoying and the rejuv totem too.. cant cast all the stuff normally all the time

if there should be some mana stuff with it its at least a lil bonus for all the no-more-aura-bm dudes..

with this and the patch stuff my dude is extremly more tanky

like it and my shocknova shocks the hell around me
gilrad wrote:
I'm not so much crying for it to be nerfed - in fact I absolutely love how powerful the gem is and how it creates so many more options for character building.

I do recognize however that there's essentially no downside to using it and no build constraints involved. Every single character can use the most effective combination regardless of the limitations that build would normally have to work around (in my case, casting big expensive spells when I have only 30 mana available). This seems like something GGG would want to balance.

Yeah. I can't think of any build that would not be made better by adding Cast on Damage Taken. Any 'optimal' build must include it: PvE and PvP. That seems a bit off.

I also love the gem though!
Would it be fine if the less damage % also applied to general skill effects?
I love this gem!
I run it with Windscream boots enabling me to auto-cast two curses Enfeeble+Temporal chains all the time. Don't need to waste time casting them myself. This helps a lot my Cyclone life leech tanky build.

Normally I was dying a bit because of desync (using Cyclone means having A LOT of desync) but now, with auto-cast curses, I feel much safer.

Don't you dare nerf this gem!
ZENofWar [lvl 88 Blood magic cyclone Marauder]
ZENofArts [lvl 80 Cast on crit Quill Rain Scion]
It's too powerful, from what I've seen on Youtube. Trivializes a lot of the game's content.
Won't be able to try it out until tomorrow, looking forward to it. :) It looks like a lot of fun, but expect a nerf of some kind in the close future.

IMO the most logical nerf would be to have the casted skills use mana, with a sensible multiplier, maybe around 200% at most. This way mana heavy builds are rewarded with the option to use this support in many fun ways, and low mana melee characters can't make themselves into non-killable tanks too easily. :) (actually a high regen BM build might :P)
IGN : Jovial
Did u see streams? Its f@cking broken totally. Noone should be able to farm 70maps solo faster than any party not loosing even 10% of hp in process.
IGN: BalancedGameIsSoBalanedLevel
This gem is absurd. Way too strong. They need to limit the spells that can be cast at once or give it a cooldown or something like that.
State of this gem: everyone always has max endurance charges (might as well remove them from game and give everyone huge survival buff), other skills make enemies go crazy without you doing anything (decoys, skeletal totems).

My idea to fix it would be making you cast spells as buffs with reserved auras.

It would be with some mana cost multiplier but still flat damage, possible to decrease with new passives and support gem. With this blood magic users that don't run any auras would actually be able to use quite a lot of skills casted on damage taken.

Others will maybe think a little but what skills and on what levels they want to use. Right now you can max out every skill and you don't pay its mana cost anyway.
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This was obviously buhroken before it was even implemented and will have to be rendered Crap Tier before it's "balanced", but I'll repeat my sentiments here:

* It's pretty much like an even superior version of aura stacking at the end of the day.

* I love how this makes Molten Shell actually usable for the armour bonus. But uh, you could've made a skill like Tempest Shield or Arctic Armour called Crag Armour or something that would've done the same thing.

* I hate how this makes Tempest Shield horribly redundant and awful. I used to (naively) dream about Tempest Shield ripping monsters to shreds with my gosu max block stat. But now there's this thing, that works against both attackers and wizards?

So basically Tempest Shield got boned the worst in this patch, as far as I can tell so far.

Additionally: This demonstrates how Spells utterly dominate the game when it comes to variety and the blue zone dominates the ability pie. Why are traps spells? Witches don't need them - their version of Fire Trap should be a meteor or lava burst or something. The green zone could use traps desperately. The duelist could certainly do with more of an identity besides "that guy who dual wields. And has life regen."

On the same measure, Enduring Cry should be a "shout" or something and not a spell.

I know when something fantastical happens and you'd want to justify it with "magic did it" to try to make it seem realistic, but at the end of the day it's just a bunch of silly stuff we can do. That could use some mechanical segregation.
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