Cast when Damage Taken

i am the only one who finds this gem akward?

the gem literaly requires you to get beaten and in exchange at max level it provides 6-18% more damage and a significant cast speed reduction compare to other cast on effect

i dont know, it feels like a waste to have it only for casting curses and buffs

may be a threshold jewel that greatly increace both the threshold damage requirement and the spell powers.
self found league fan

Not sure if this has been discussed before (lots of pages to go through -if so, please redirect me to the page where this has been discussed), but this gem does not work when damage taken comes from channeling skills. This creates problematic situations in pvp and in high Tier maps where bosses use such skills (the curses have to be casted manually, and time is precious -especially if one uses more than 2). Therefore, builds based on leech -on top of some regen- are having lots of issues. Seems to me that the remaining good CI builds, after the nerf of Vaal Pact, are forced to go block / regen, with this mechanic in such a state.
I do understand that channeling skills are not considered as hits, but they are still active skills which are used manually and they do make damage; so, is this a conscious decision / mechanic or still an issue to be fixed?
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Channeled Skills such as Blade Flurry do count towards CwDT - you're thinking of Damage over Time. DoT doesn't count partially due to Blood Rage and Righteous Fire, it would be mad bonkers busted.
Just wondering but how come this gem wasn't setup to proc when a % of hp was taken as damage and as you would level it, it would scale with lower hp?

Eg: level 1 would proc when 90% of hp was taken as damage and level 20 would be 15% of hp.

I haven't really seen anyone bothering to level this support gem...
I made that suggestion few years ago. Guess what was response?
de99ial wrote:
I made that suggestion few years ago. Guess what was response?

Silence. Neither "yes" or "no". But some whiteknigts showed.
NVM My mistake.
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Hello, what is the point of disallowing the usage of multiple same gems because of the shared cd added? Is that an implementation issue or what is the point? Dont see a reason why i am able to cast two different skills at once but not two same ones.
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Rory wrote:
Post your feedback for this support here.

Make sure you concisely state your character build, level, and other complimenting abilities you have when you talk about a support.

Hey Rory,

The Cast When Damage Taken gem very clearly states that it tracks Damage Taken, unfortunately so does the 4 iconic elder unique items (Hopeshredder, Disintegrator, Shimmeron and Nebulock).

It is fairly obvious that this is a 'From Hits vs. Over Time' mechanical difference, though that is not reflected any way in-game.

Maybe the Cast when Damage Taken should have a From Hits in it's description?

EDIT: or just let The Disintegrator CWDT physical spellspam dream come true. Your call :]

Please see attached image for reference:
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