Cast when Damage Taken

I think there need a improvement of this skill.
Let it delay the damage apply after a portion of the full damage achive the cwdt threshold.

For an example, a char with 2600 life and link a level 1 cwdt+immortal call, take 3000 physical damage after migration, first 528 damage is applied, then IC triggered instantly, so later 2472 damage applied later
,with level 1 IC and no endurance charge, only 2472*0.75=1854 damage take later.
Successful avoid being one-shot by this hit

Is it better?
Last edited by ctaszeus on Sep 26, 2022, 8:29:45 AM
Desecrate and unearth do not target enemies when trigged by self damage. This would be a welcome change to any cwdt build using corpse targeting skills.

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