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SmilingCat wrote:
No, it's GGG problem for being lazy as hell. They could have make the other gems autoscale to your CwDT
That would be not only extremely hard and take lots of work, the result would be significantly undesirable - it's intended that you can have a higher-level gem in the same link if you don't want it supported, which is consistent with how all other supporting restrictions work.
Runninglegs wrote:

I'm still new and I dont get why the Cast when dmg taken dont worke for me :-/

Hope you can tell me?


Hey there,

Your Decoy Totem currently requires level 43 to equip, and your Cast When Damage Taken Gem only supports gems up to level 31. I'm afraid that you would either need to delevel your Decoy Totem, get a new Decoy Totem gem, or to level up your Cast When Damage Taken gem to require at least level 43.
Zindax wrote:
However, this is not what occurs. Temporal chains and molten shell also become de-synchronized. This should never in theory occur as there would be no reason for a temporal chains spell to activate and a molten shell to not activate, or vise versa, yet that is what happens.
Each skill has it's own entirely separate damage count, and will cast when it's count accumulates to the target value. They are not linked in any way. Anything that causes you to update a skill resets that skill's count, such as levelling the gem.
Zindax wrote:
What was explained to me is that there is a such thing as spell desync. Essentially for whatever reason, when de-sync occurs, frequently a spell becomes lost and never casts.

Can someone confirm that this is what is occuring?
I can confirm that it's not. it is not possible for desync* to have any effect on the trigger gems because they're entirely server-side.

*in the sense that the term is usually used here, and you seem to be meaning it that same way
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Aimeryan wrote:
As far as I know, each gem manages its own cooldown. The CWDT gem causes a linked gem to go on cooldown for 250ms when activated. Gems of the same name (e.g., Firestorm gems) share cooldowns; hence, you can not use two firestorms gems with CWDT (only one will proc).
This is correct
McJackson wrote:
This is confusing can a skill have it's own damage count?
By counting damage? I'm not sure what part of that is confusing, so I hope this helps clarify. The skills themselves have to count their own damage, because nothing else can do it. The support gem can't, because support gems fundamentally cannot do anything. Skills do things, and the skills can be modified by supports, but supports have no independent "presence" to do things on their own or react to things, they just statically modify skills. When you link an Added Cold Damage gem to some skills, it modifies each of those skills by increasing the stats for damage they'll deal when they hit. When you link CwDT to some skills, it modifies each of those skills by disabling them from active use, causing each of them to count damage you take, and adding a trigger condition to each saying "This skill executes when it's damage count reaches X". Each skill is completely independant, they just have those same modifications.
Anytime you change a skill (such as levelling a gem), that skill is actually being removed and recreated differently, so it will lose any counted damage at that time.

McJackson wrote:
Does that mean that sometimes i take damage that doesn't count towards a specific gem's damage count because the skill is on cooldown? But then all the linked spells with different cooldowns would desynch eventually and never proc all at the same time? That's not what I'm observing.
While skills on cooldown will not count damage, if all the cooldowns come from CwDT, they would be the same, and should keep occuring at the same time, unless one is updated and loses it's count, as noted above. If they have different countdowns (such as enduring cry having it's own cooldown) they can, but may not always depending on how much damage you take and how often. Sometimes it won't matter because that skill will only miss a little damage while on cooldown and then the hit that sets it off is large enough to make up for that at the same time the other skills are set off.

I have made a note for QA to test on a copy of your character to see if they can see anything odd happening with this, but it may be some time before they get to that, there's a lot to test at the moment.
lozarian wrote:
Cast one ice nova, wipe damage on the one that casts, then the next damage I take will trigger the second as it's above ice threshold?
This, with the additional caveat that it has to be the next damage you take after the Ice Nova cooldown is finished. As soon as one is cast, all your Ice Nova skills are on cooldown, meaning the second one can't cast yet (and I believe can't track damage taken until the cooldown expires, either).

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