Cast when Damage Taken

This gem will be probably nerfed.

I'm using it with immortal call + molten shell + enduring cry. Even if my IC is not top-leveled and i have only 4 max end charge, this gem is extremely powerful.

I can face-tank any melee-boss, providing that i'm surrounded with other monsters. I am invincible. :)

Roma timezone (Italy)
nice! didnt know this ;)
krassi3000 wrote:
For the Quality Bonus: i just put an GCP on it and it does nothing but 1% quality and thats it.. its a GCP grave ;)

running this on level 1 with moltenshell, shocknova and rejuv totem.. its so awesome!
i only have to use endurance cry still on manual mode since my rainbowstrides are RRRB and i burned at least an EX for chroms to get those colors back ;))

one awesome thing with this is that it has no costs, casts instant on hit
=> i have 2 more sockets free!! that would normally be used by Faster Casting and Increased Duration. and the Extra Shock nova (or ice thingy) is super nice since im shocking the shit out of everything permanently ;))

its like an auto-defense-mode-gem wich activates all the stuff ur to lazy to activate manualy all the time.. my rejuv totem was totally rusty and unused since its allways anoying to klick on all thos skill every 10 seconds

great thing with my 75/71 blocking is that i now see when i get hit ;)))

=> soo conclusion.. MULTI-AUTODEFENSE-GEM ..

Wait, so quality gives nothing? Bug?
Whoaness wrote:
Wait, so quality gives nothing? Bug?

1% doesn't. 2% might, if it's a 0.5% bonus to something.
This gem is GREAT but it's too good for its own sake.

Needs a 250%+ mana cost multiplier or something as there is absolutely no downsides to using the gem currently.

As using a macro that does more than one action is a bannable offense, what is the difference with this gem?

You could put this in a 6L and have it automatically cast 3 curses + enduring cry + totem while you just spam your skill away.

Takes away a lot of challenge from the game in my opinion.

Enjoy it while you can boys/girls.

Not sure what the quality bonus does but maybe have it start with a 350-400% mana cost multiplier and drop 5% for each %.

250-300% mana cost multiplier at 20% is a fair trade-off perhaps?

habbey wrote:
It does not appear that DoT damage contributes to the damage threshold (have stood in the middle of searing bond totem and taken 1k+ damage without it triggering), same with being ignited and taking damage that way, is this intended? Nothing on on the gem would indicate it is, but I can see a reason for it.

Makes sense: can you imagine this sucker on a max HP/max regen Righteous Fire build, otherwise? Your spell of choice would just be constantly triggering around you non-stop for free.
I spoke too soon and suggested a way too high of a MCM at 350-400%. In line with Blood Magic/Totem skills around 250% would be my guess though.

Obviously the GGG team will figure it out but the skill is still broken. I can cast whatever I have linked to it currently with no mana usage of the skill being cast.

Going to enjoy it this weekend but I see this being changed come Monday. :(

Please don't destroy it!

ATM it is to strong, no question. But with anything above 200% manacost multiplier it will be anihilated and destroyed! I'd say the most common use atm is CobH + Molten Shell. Molten Shell cost 70 mana @level 20. 200% would be 140 which is alot for some melee-builds allready!

The next point is, that the damage is like "damage taken in one hit". It does not trigger when the Docks-Dogs (hehe) use their flamethrower. Atm it makes no sense to level this gem at all as you want it to trigger as fast as posible.

This gem has a minimum level of 31. At 31 you should have around 1000 HP.
My sugestion would be:
- let it start with a higher damage amount (maybe trigger after TOTAL damage taken of 1000)
- let it start with a higher multiplier (maybe 240%)
Peer level of this gem:
- -50 HP taken (you end at 750 total damage taken @level 20)
- -2% mana multiplier (you end at 200% @level 20)
Remove the damage penalty but let it consume mana.

Sure, the "tradoff" factor will be destroyed this way. But the suport gem will be balanced over mana multiplier like all other suport gems. It will be usefull but not as much as now with up to 5 free-casts (6l CobH + 5 spells) which have no cooldowns or manacost.

PS: and if a spell like ColdSnap has a cooldown it must keep it! Atm you can perm cast ColdSnaps ;).

PPS: I can see true CobH builds :) Max lifereg, max life, run in and pray to be hit as much as posible :p.
Last edited by Schakar on Oct 25, 2013, 11:13:30 PM
A while back I suggested an "autocast" support gem, which would turn supported spells into, in effect "auras" in that they could recast themselves as often as their cooldown/your casting speed allows. The catch was that the mana cost of that spell (*3) would be reserved. This gem could be redesigned with that kind of system (mana cost -> reserved mana) instead of casting the spells for free.

Interestingly, in the same post I also suggested a "Cast in Hit" gem which would function much like the gems they just released. I also suggested the Power Orb on Critical support gem long before they introduced it. Likely just a coincidence, but still neat.

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