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Ok so im playing a Blade vortex character and I've recently started cursing with CwdT and blade vortex. i have 2 different 4 links with 2 different BV and 2 different curses. warlords mark on one and assassin's mark on the other.

HOWEVER, it seems that warlords mark procs WAY more often then assassin's mark, if i had to quantify i'd say that 80% of the time, when i take dmg i start applying warlords but not assassin and then only 20% of the time, it applies both. So somehow, warlords's CwdT setup has a priority over my assassin's one... thats really weird and kind of annoying.

Both my cdwt were lvl 1 but i recently leveld assassin's setup to lvl 2 and it seems to have improved a bit but i havent played much with since that change.

What's happening here? why is it doing that?

Edit : nope, after further testing, it still use warlords mark almost everytime but not assassin's mark, tested with lvl 3 cwdt and doesnt help either. oh and btw i am using doedre's ring so i can double curse.
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In my opinion, I reckon the damage threshold should reduce dramatically for each level, at the moment, no many people will use CWDT past level 1~5, why? Because the threshold becomes too great too quick!

I hope this will get revised and adjusted to a more desirable number, otherwise really no point of having this gem going to level 20.
is it intended that cwdt puts other cwdt linked copies of the spell on cooldown, even if they are linked to a different cwdt gem?

i sort of understand not letting one cwdt proc the same spell linked to it multiple times (same as CoCS), but i don't see why it needs to impact other cwdt gems (the old problem would have been multiple cwdt enduring cries + cwdt immortal call, but you can't do that anymore anyway)

also, to clarify something about the mechanics - the damage counter cooldown is separate from the cooldown that prevents multiple copies of the gem from firing? there's a 250 ms casting cooldown that occurs when any cwdt linked gem fires, and applies to all cwdt linked gems of that type, but it is separate from the 250 ms damage counter cooldown, which only applies to the specific cwdt linked gem that was actually cast? (testing vid: )
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1. Cooldowns are on a global-per-Skill basis. Yes, this is intentional.
2. Supports only add their modifiers to linked Skills; Supports never have an active effect. As such, the amount of CwDT Supports you have spread across your gear never matters.
but why have a global cooldown on cwdt at all? there's already the damage counter cooldown which will prevent extremely rapid casts (not that the risk of extremely rapid casts is that high to begin with - since the self damage to power high level cwdt faster than 250ms is absurd, and the self damage to power low level cwdt faster than 250ms is still high + the damage is going to be low from less damage + gem level limits). what's the deleterious effect of a no cooldown cwdt? all of the abilities that would be broken to multicast with cwdt either already have a cooldown, or aren't spells. the only 'downside' is that you could link the same spell repeatedly instead of having to use multiple spells when using cwdt for damage, but using cwdt for damage is generally weak to begin with.

my guess was it introduced to stop cwdt + multiple enduring cries + cwdt ic, but that's not a concern anymore.
It's not a global cooldown on CwDT, it's CwDT adding a cooldown to linked Spells. Cooldowns are inherently global per-Skill, that's nothing specific of CwDT.
(the distinction is important to make, hence my nitpicking on it :) )

CwDT adds a cooldown to linked Spells to prevent a character from exploding in ten Ice Novae at a time, immediately murdering everything in a fifty-unit radius (60% Inc Radius is not hard to get) and instantly healing back to full (Vaal Pact is good). That happens at 70% or higher remaining ES, so not even near-death. All you gotta do is take 3000 Damage, and everything on the screen dies. Cool. Good.

Alternatively, use a lower-level CwDT to trigger everything you have each time you use Incinerate, so maybe eight times per second. You thought Cast on Crit was fast? Wait till you see no-cooldown CwDT...

CwDT is weak for Damage-dealing purposes solely due to the cooldown.
It's not a bad gem but it has limited uses. Would be nice with some more options for it. Totems, traps, mines and so on. 99% of the time it is just linked to immortal call.
Does CWDT track Damage over Time now?

Because I just started playing my RF guy again after a while and holy crap.

Setup: He has several skills linked to level 20 CWDT: Flame Surge, Freezing Pulse, and Molten Shell. They're also supported by a high level Life Leech gem. The idea was that if I ever got in any serious trouble the large amount of life leech from those spells would help keep be standing.

As expected, they would trigger very rarely.

But today I start playing this guy again and suddenly those spells seem to be triggering EVERY TIME I GET HIT. Even by level 77 white enemies. My only thought is that the CWDT gem is tracking the damage dealt by my Righteous Fire, but waiting for a "hit" to come in to actually trigger the spells.

Is this working as intended? Because if so, there's a whole new world of pain coming to Wraeclast.
What spells work and don't work with the CWDT gem now? I've heard some things that use to work no longer do.
I understand that you can't have two of the same spell cast at once, but how does that manifest itself?

E. G. I have two ice nova both linked to level 1 cwdt. I take enough damage to cast a spell. Does it:

Cast one ice nova, wipe damage on both, put one on cooldown and block damage counting on it, then the next time I take enough damage the second nova will cast?

Cast one ice nova, wipe damage on both, no ice nova can be cast with cwdt at all until the 250 ms is up

Cast one ice nova, wipe damage on the one that casts, then the next damage I take will trigger the second as it's above ice threshold?

The cwdt page says the different gems can go out of sync but it's not clear on how multiple versions interact. This makes a pretty big difference to how you stack cwdt. If it blocks the spell for the whole cooldown at all, then you can't have, say, a curse on hit damage utility nova and a curse on hit defensive nova. M

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