Cast when Damage Taken

I have a peeve using CWDT + Enfeeble + Phase Run, or possibly with Vorici.

With the following gloves:

Phase Run shows 2.99 seconds in the tooltip (greyed out due to CWDT), yet it gets triggered for only a very brief moment (<0.5 sec) due to being phased back in by casting the curse (cast order along links).

Now the problem is that I need 2R+1G sockets, that's 3 off-colour, so I used Vorici's 100 chrome recipe twice, both times creating two red on top and the green on bottom right. This way, there's no arrangement to make Phase Run go off after Enfeeble.

Do I use Vorici's bench again hoping the ordering will change, or do I gamble single chromes (*ugh*), or do I whine against the fixed 4-link path for gloves/boots/helmets (I'd be happy to spend a few fuses for a U shaped linking) knowing it won't change... questions questions.
Just wanted to bring this annoying and currency-wasting situation to attention. And more control over the cast order in general would be nice.

EDIT: actually, since fuses don't work on fully linked items, they could simply be used to change the layout (C -> U -> Ↄ -> ∩). AFAICT this only concerns trigger gem cast order, so no harm done anywhere else.
I'd open a new thread in Suggestions if there's a slight chance that this will be implemented (doubtful as always...).
Another option would be to have Vorici rotate linkings for a few fuses.
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Fuses do work on 4Ls, because it's sometimes beneficial to not have all sockets linked. :)
Vorici's fixed-crafting always puts the guaranteed colours at the start of the link.
could it be that assasins mark isnt working with cwdt anymore since i dont seem to get it procced afterall
Is it linked to other Trigger Gems?
Is it socketed in a +Gem Levels item?

ok found some answers.

Can someone confirm the following stuff is correct?

damage counter only resets if left instance or gem levels up/is removed

does not work with:
vaal skills
totem skills (rejuv totem)
mine skills (smoke mine)
Trap skills (conversion trap)
anything that doesn't have spell in its description

(even though they all have 'spell' in their description, for the applicable ones)

how about summon skeleton? I'd go out and buy the gems from a vendor to check, but the vendor gem level far exceeds what CWDT is capable of supporting.
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to use mines with a trigger gem, you can't place them but you can detonate them via the new white gem detonate mines.

as for summons spells, yes they work with trigger gems.
Can someone confirm, smoke mine plus detonate works with cwdt?
As Soul said, the Smoke Mine cannot be placed through CwDT, only Detonate Mines will trigger.
i use CWDT+Enfeeble+Warlord's Mark+IC+MSh with 2 Curse boot
but i want to change body armor, and share this using 2 gem CWDT

It make no sense someone FROZEN can t move, use skill but can trigger spells with cwdt.

Make it that frozen players can t use CWTD gems when frozen pls. There is already so much cannot be frozen on items anyway.

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