August 16 Progress Update

Great work GGG!!!

Your game is an oasis in the center on a baron ARPG desert.

This game has been a revolution thus far. You listen to our feedback, you've made an extremely unique product, and in my honest opinion have revolutionized an industry.

And with a team of 18!!!

Congratulations and the success you have had this far, I can honestly tell you that at the age of 24 this will be a game I will reminisce about for the rest of my life.

@ the PoE community,

It has been a true pleasure to play with all of you. Every time I log in I'm impressed with the kind and polite approach to partying many of the folks have taken when I group with them.

With an amazing community, and the new leader in ARPG development, the universe is the limit for Path of Exile.

now time to farm Fellshrine some more >_>
It's How You Handle Adversity That Molds the Man
Darn on the physical goods.
I was hoping to have that sweet physical case sitting on my shelf next to my DVDs before August was out.
Oh well.
Good work GGG, and can't wait for that arrow part of the patch. Will make dealing with those archers easier.
first.good job,i can't wait till new patch.0.9.12.
as i told in one of my posts,i m extremely curious to know much/many people participate in third open beta stress weekend?.after two weeks,no single info,exept this.

We've just switched the servers back over to the Closed Beta, after a very successful stress test weekend. We found out a lot of information that will greatly help us scale up for Open Beta, and had a great time chatting to fans! If you played the weekend and would like to gain permanent Closed Beta access, please visit this page.

any more info please.
Great! Gratz with the 1 million mark! Really love your work thank you!
Danskere: PM mig, hvis I har brug for en guild.
Thx chris for update! =^__^=
I hope what we see pets in shop before release(in open beta)
I'm astounded at how many things this small dev team does right. I look forward to bouncing up to supporter soon and possibly a few more rungs with some Overtime. Got a baby (son) on the way in sept. so funds are abit tighter, otherwise I'd gladly be throwing a few hundy onto this game.

Keep up the amazing work!
IGN: Sagan_Nova / Odin_Dom
keep up the good work guys :)
Chris wrote:
  • Arrows are now real projectiles rather than faked long-range melee attacks. This means they can be dodged by running out of the way, as well as by the evasion roll.

Awesome! :)
This also makes room for a Sniper Shot or Homing Arrow ability which I would very much like to see.
Disregard witches, aquire currency.
First off congrats on the 1mil mark mark its a great start, lets just hope we(community) can help this amazing game grow into something to remember

Secondly THANK YOU so much for making one hell of a game, I had honestly thought that after diablo 2 lod there wouldn't be another amazing dungeon crawler. Some might argue that torchlight and D3 were amazing but I will argue they were simply good not absolute greatness.

I don't mean to bring up diablo so much but I have to, PoE reminds me of the days when i was a teen playing D2 LoD a pure masterpiece for its time. PoE is well on its way to being on the same level of D2 back in its prime. That said you guys have imo already changed dungeon crawlers forever.

The amount of complexity, customization, and posibilities, is absolutely mind blowing. I have spent hours staring at the skill screen tweaking my melee witch, more time than I have actually played her hehe. Though I have been playing a marauder/ranger for awhile now none endgame quite yet.

Cheers to you 18 geniuses :), here's to whats to come and playing PoE for many years. Wow this is really long hehe.

P.S. I love you guys no homo
EDIT-I feel naked without supporter title gonna have to change that soon.
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Damn I cant wait...Too impatient....arggggggg

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