[2.4] How to smash Heads. Extremely detailed guide about the Facebreaker gloves and builds!

Very nice guide
i like the way u think tho, and yet all the laziness :P

anyway just ended up crafting lovely ring for this "braker"


and second got hp and damn iir :-/

last one was physical dmg..was really hoping for higher roll..

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The end game build is very well thought out. I have studied the end game build and there really is not anything wasted. Honestly the elemental resist node is something I would use elsewhere. I would probably take the 10% extra physical dmg node instead of taking the resist node, but this build does work very, very well.

Not to mention it is crazy fun. I prefer the dominating blow version and I mix in frenzy, enduring cry, cyclone and warlord's mark for fun. I am used to playing a CI crit dagger build that relies on crit weakness curse and enduring cry, so casting stuff before jumping in is second hat so far.

Very fun build. Just need to eventually get better facebreakers (mine are 934%) :D
Great rings IceLancerSR if they only had high physical damage they would've been perfect.

About the resist nodes runnin17 i have them because with them i have maxed resists. If someone can max them out with just item they will be obsolete ofcourse :) But if i had these free skill points i would've put them in more life instead of physical damage nodes... they really don't give much ;)
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A very well made guide, thanks!
i am curious
what u think about using anvil for blender?
IceLancerSR wrote:
i am curious
what u think about using anvil for blender?

I already got that question... somewhere.. in the thread... anyway
The anvil offers nice armour, nice buffs to block chance and cool on block effects BUT
It has no physical damage! Don't underestimate 20-25 physical damage from an amulet it is more than 5000 DPS! If you have the currency or good luck to get a nice physical damage amulet it can have also high life and resists and overall it would be alot better than the anvil. Not to mention the bonus intelligence and dexterity from an onyx amulet, trust me you will need them and you will save 2 passive skill points if you get them from your amulet.
Overall you can use The Anvil if you don't have a good physical damage onyx amulet... but try to get one as soon as possible!
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
Hey KorgothBG!

First off, I'd like to start off by saying thank you for this amazing build/guide.
I'm rocking my way through Cruel with very little difficulty. Have all my gear ready and waiting for me to hit 67 and 70 respectively.

While playing with the build a few questions came to mind and hopefully you can help shed some light on them!

(Before I begin, I am playing as a Marauder, not a Duelist)

First and largest question, how would this build look if played as a Marauder? ie: which points would you NOT use? My guess would be the two starting duelist nodes perhaps? Melee damage. Also pertaining to the build, how would you progress the build as a Marauder?

Second, I'm having a bit of a hard time leveling my INT and DEX based auras. Hatred and whatnot. I can't even use certain gems due to the requirements which I have not yet met by the use of gear, mainly rings and necklace. Is there any way around this while leveling? Example straying away from the main road and grabbing certain DEX/INT nodes? I'm scared that when I hit 67 I may not even have enough DEX to use Bringer of Rain.

I suppose that's all for now. If anything else comes to mind while playing I'll be sure to ask! Looking forward to your advice.

Thanks in advance! :)
Hi Anathemas and thank you for your kind words.
I took my time to rethink the skill tree as a marauder and in the "At 103 skill points" The two nodes in the duelist start should NOT stay (you guessed correct). I would put them in 2 extra life nodes( next to Atleticism ) or go sooner for Minion Instability and/or Divine Thoughness(16% more life). Other than that i'm afraid that everything else must stay as it is.

Now for your attribute problems(INT/DEX). What i did - i just didn't leveled up the auras(but i already had high level auras ready to be used as soon as i have the attributes).
Other that that i'd suggest to put some points in some 30 INT/DEX nodes (Hard Knocks 30int next to the reduced mana reservation nodes; Ancestral Knowledge 30int above the Elemental Adaptation; Expertise 30dex above Ancestral Knowledge) and you have plenty of 10INT/DEX nodes to take if needed. Later on you can always respec them.

I really don't have the time(or the PC actualy) to do a full marauder tree per 10 points BUT i'll do that tomorrow!
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
Thank you so much for the reply! :)

After having a look at the tree I realized what you have mentioned, Ancestral Knowledge and Expertise are readily available in case my gear doesn't cut it in terms of stats.

I also think that a Marauder tree would be a fantastic addition to this already amazing guide!
why do u skip all "increased defense from shield" nodes?

are they bad?

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