[2.4] How to smash Heads. Extremely detailed guide about the Facebreaker gloves and builds!

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Holy cow! This is probably the best PoE guide I've seen on these forums. I just found a pair of Facebreakers in SSF and you've convinced me to try this out!

Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this. It really shows and it's greatly appreciated!
Hello, new player here, not sure if this build is still valid but it got my interest. At the moment trying to gather all the stuff needed for this build and cant wait for an update to get full passive points refund, to try this build out.

Now I got some question about this build

The main power source of this build is physical damage and I was wondering would it be valid to use items like these in this build

and https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Perseverance is it worth to use this belt since it gives damage according to armour/evasion ratio. + fortify/onslaught

Lookin to do a Tectonic Slam with some FaceBreakers, anyone try it yet? feel like it could be fun :P
Currently trying out tectonic slam. It is fun, just need better gear and better skill tree since I just started using it on my old build tree.
Grazuolis wrote:
Currently trying out tectonic slam. It is fun, just need better gear and better skill tree since I just started using it on my old build tree.

Good to hear, think the Maurader jugg tree on here would work?
Hello again.

It works pretty dang good. But iam still trying out things and I think I found a way how to improve this build. Currently looking in to auras/curses and trying to do a hybrid of it. Currently able to use 3 auras and 1 curse as aura (using blasphemy support), 2 of them on health via blood magic, 2 on mana. My goal is 3-4 auras + 2 curses. In order to do that I needed to adjust skill tree and Iam currently investing skill points to reduce mana reserved.
Still not sure if I will go blood magic passive way. Currently i need better gear to increase my health and armor.

Another good thing immortal call skill, iam using it with cast when damage taken support. Really helpful skill that works automatically. Important - you need to have lvl 1-4 immortal call always. Since if you level it too high the requirements to trigger it will be too high and it wont work.

So... I am level 78, not sure how good my character is at the moment It definitely needs more defense/health. Currently I have ~35k DPS on tectonic slam with fortify it goes to ~43k which I think is pretty good. Armor only ~10k all resists ~75% except chaos which is -60. Healh is 3k.

Too bad I cant link my build here cuz my character is not linked to the site :/ gona go look in to this thing.
Hello its "Grazuolis" from a different linked account.
Here is my items if you are interested

and passive tree, nothing special, just experimenting with it

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