0.10.8c Patch Notes

Thanks for the info, Rory.
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Thanks for giving the percentages. Does it say this in their descriptions in game on their properties list? I'm not opposed to the change by the way, I just preferred the info was available in game in some manner as having to read all the developer posts to keep up with such things seems not quite right or fair.
Thanks for the info
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Qarl wrote:
Xendran wrote:
What? There is no 'Block Reduction' in this game. Are you talking about block recovery?

This is block reduction, such as from the Sword Damage and Reduced Enemy Block Chance passives.

Never knew about that before, seems interesting.
That could make for an interesting support gem. Reduced Enemy Block Chance.
So how do you know if an enemy blocks your hit?

Do you see them block? Currently it appears you have missed.
If so, how does this effect resolute technique? Can they block your always-hitting hits now?
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Rory wrote:
Spikey00 wrote:
Act and map bosses now have reduced effect of curses on them.

Beyond the question that was already asked above, is this a consistent reduction of curse effects across all bosses or is it variable?

These monsters, and their equivalent versions in Maps have 50% reduced curse effect:

Vaal Oversoul
Piety (Does not apply in the Crematorium)

All other Map bosses have 40% reduced curse effect!

Is Punishment effected by this as well?

Because it's mechanics already incorporate a lesser effect against uniques.

At level 20 it has 50% for normal enemies and only 15% for uniques. If the curse reduction applied it would go to 7.5%.

Given how crap punishment already is, no one uses it, I don't think it deserves the double nerf for bosses -_-
Brutus. Do you even sync?
Still no lightfix for low life builds.

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Qarl wrote:
This patch should be deployed tomorrow.

Version 0.10.8c
  • Act and map bosses now have reduced effect of curses on them.
  • Block reduction is now a multiplicative rather than subtractive stat.
  • Added one unique item, designed by a Diamond supporter.
  • Allowed for the Dialogue volume to be louder relative to other volumes.
  • Tweaked various uses of audio reverb.
  • Added buff icons for Consecrated and Desecrated ground effects.
  • Fixed a bug where some monster skills did not scale up in the very highest map levels.
  • Fixed the interaction between Dominating Blow and the kill count of The Coward’s Trial.
  • Increased the safe zone around the marketplace waypoint and prevented statues from spawning in the waypoint area.

gratz on a wide range of more useless updates?
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rainku wrote:

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Qarl wrote:
Act and map bosses now have reduced effect of curses on them.

You are sooo on the right track. :)

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