Content Update 3.24.0 -- Path of Exile: Necropolis

Going to be a tougher league I am shocked adorned wasn't touched though.. tornado shot deserved it idgaf what you think

[Removed by Support] If you don't like TS don't use it. let those who do enjoy the game. You should be mad they don't buff other melee skills
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Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz Flasks no longer grant 20% less Damage Taken of their respective Element. Instead, they now grant +5% to Maximum Resistance of their respective Element. They also now provide +40% to their respective Resistance (previously 50%). These changes affect existing versions of these items.

reverted changes to LMB skill usage when?
Colddeath845 wrote:
Thanks for the nerf notes see you in 3 months for more nerfs. I like the QoL change that you cant assign instant skills to left click, instead use this gem that you dont have space for or hold down a button. I like when its harder. I started in delirium played until curse immunity was removed from flasks. Came back and played standard through out affliction. Learned a lot and was looking forward to using what i learned into this new league. This is the last league I'm playing. Im tired of fighting the nerfs. You tried to force everyone into a hardcore slow game with mirror of kala but realized people werent going for it so instead you just slowly move us there instead. Over it. Will prob play campaign of PoE2 just to enjoy it and walk away after. not worth going through this again.

"i like when its harder" but also, dont make it too hard or i will quit. ffs
"Sources of Divination Cards drops from League content such as Legion, Blight, Delirium, Heist, Ritual, Expedition and Delve now instead drop Stacked Decks."

...which you then open to get a div card. Facepalm

It's just an extra step, stacked decks shouldn't exist.

And as stacked decks can no longer drop boss unique cards, it also stops any bossunique card drops from these sources.
Thats the reason.
Jokes on you GGG, I only play standard and am already 100 so idc if I die. HAH!
raVyoli wrote:
reverted changes to LMB skill usage when?

Never. In the immortal words of Chris Wilson... 'Get rolled, Reddit.'
God i love the changes & additions to bulk trade! Thank you GGG! Huge W
Why is the maximum chance to encounter of Heist Caches unchanged at less than 50% per map?

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