Content Update 3.24.0 -- Path of Exile: Necropolis

Is Awakened support gem treated as Boss-exclusive Items? Awakened Support Gem can be obtained from Labyrinth.
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"The Subtle Manipulations Atlas Notable Passive has been replaced with the new Amplified Artefacts Notable. It causes Rare Monsters in your Maps to have 50% increased chance to drop Scarabs per Monster modifier affecting them. "

Does Monster Modifier include Essence Modifier, Tormented Spirits Modifier, and Beastiary Modifier?
About the voidstones,

Is 25% chance to upgrade dropped map tier stat gone? I think it really needs clarification.

I like the meta shake-up with transfigured gems and all, but I think melee has been in a bad state and neglected for so long.

Maybe set base max fortify stacks to 25? Make melee totems buff not mandatory? Rework gladiator? Raise the base stats of skills other than boneshatter by 20% or something?

Now that the endgame is fresh and some QoL sorted out, I think melee needs a lot more love next league, even if I never was a melee enjoyer.

The league looking really good tho. Can't wait!!
So with the new atlas we now have to spend around 20 extra points on league clusters, all across the board, to enable the league mechanic craft potential?

Looks more of an uber garbage nerf, instead of a new "empowered" atlas "mentioned" on patch notes.
huge atlas tree buff, its what it needed ever since it first came out, I still dislike the "chance to drop conqueror maps" and crap like that, makes me feel like I'm missing free loot if I don't grab them at the top of the tree, but its still much better than before, new uniques looking really good
to the people who think this is a nerf patch, deal with it

I think I've said enough, can I get maybe a tabula from hillock next league...?
Tornado Shot changes are too much, just removing extra proj from quality and that 50% mana cost would put it relatively inline with other good bow skills, maybe not inline but at least playable, that attack speed nerf is too much, it destroys the skill, totally unnecessary IMO. I could be wrong but I personally put it dead skill category (dead skills we never play, ever), why you guys nerf stuff in multiple ways making things clunky or straight away unplayable?
3.23 is the best league of all time (an absolute banger)
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"Sources of Divination Cards drops from League content such as Legion, Blight, Delirium, Heist, Ritual, Expedition and Delve now instead drop Stacked Decks."

...which you then open to get a div card. Facepalm

It's just an extra step, stacked decks shouldn't exist.
With the nerfs to minus mana cost on flasks and jewels, all the builds who can't use EB lost a whole aura from divine blessing.

I'm looking for a skill to play that isn't affected by this change. Maybe a skill that won the gauntlet so many times it had to be banned and still hasn't been effectively nerfed? Can anyone think of one?
Instant Skills can no longer be bound to Left-Click. FFS
Are you guys ever going to bugfix/re-add the gem exp to player exp reward option in Labyrinth?

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