Content Update 3.24.0 -- Path of Exile: Necropolis

how do i get heist contracts with implicits after the patch?
Dont worry anymore because all the streamers who abused the divine devoted mods pre-nerf got extreme rich and ruined the market so now everything is so expensive only abusers can afford. That's the vision?
1st priority queue
2nd streamer podcasts telling individual streamers the exploits and mechanics of the league instead of forum post for others.
3rd let streamers abuse the exploits for a day then delete it for everyone else

I had high hopes for this league and it's fading very very quickly.
Not sure if it is wrong here, or the in-game tool-tip is wrong, but in game voidstones say "Tier 16 Maps dropped in areas have .4% chance to become a tier 17", but here it says ".5%" ?

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