Content Update 3.24.0 -- Path of Exile: Necropolis

So uh... Where in here did it say our Infused map crafting options were being deleted from Standard?
so many half-baked ideas of change that make 0 sense while systematically removing some of the favorite parts of the game of a lot of people. WHy did quality of flasks/armour/weapons from syndicate need to be changed? why did unholy might need to be changed?

mark my words this game will be just a polished turd of an APRG in 3 years with the inconsistency of thoughts from all the devs.

holy shit after reading these patch notes i dont even wanna log in

you gutted SRS which is the only viable minion starter, but fucking 15% more dmg with skele archers (still shit), would love to hear ghastlies thoughts

like last league was so fuckin good and this is just a fuckin polished turd of inconsistent pointless change

my only hope is that the league mechanic is so good that it pulls me away from all this sub 55 IQ development

yes im fuckin bitter and madge, the actual logic for some of your reasons is beyond [Removed by Support]

what was wrong with unholy might?

but dont worry guys we have frostblades of katabasis dot dmg increased

this game will be d4 in 3 years

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shouldnt we be excited to read the patch notes, not depressed?
chris wilson you better check yourself before you wreck yourself
Replace unique Betrayal crafts with picking up scarabs from chests - a great solution! The game definitely lacks mechanics that boil down to picking up something from the floor. What tab the loot flies into - a wonderful variety of gameplay!
I would like to express my deep gratitude to the developers for cutting out the only mechanics that aroused my interest.
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Always amazing GGG continues to try to force players to play twitch style, i.e. you can't just put everything into your build and then enjoy watching your character perform, you must also learn finger-breaking moves on the keyboard and use portal scrolls so you can shake the numbness out of your hands. Mind boggling what they did with Steelskin. It's like a big middle finger to the playerbase. Also just completely invalidating builds like Chieftain autobomber with just one line of code. Again, the middle finger to the players.
Instant Skills can no longer be bound to Left-Click.

Why can't you just fix the movement code instead?

Look, I get that issues with core code that likely hasn't been really touched or updated in over a decade can get scary, but surely there were better options to fixing left-click-to-move getting occasionally slightly wonky with instant cast skills assigned to left-click than preventing players from getting into that marginally annoying situation in the first place.

Added the ability to hold ctrl + left-click (or the controller input equivalent) to reapply socket and quality currencies, as well as Orbs of Regret and Orbs of Unmaking.

For the life of me, I can't make this work. Is there an option that needs to be enabled to be able to use this function?
I am really sorry to see that Kirac is no longer doing daily mission anymore. I really loved logging in every day to a new mission. It gave me something to every day during the league, even when I was "done" with the league. I hope you will change this during this league or maybe for the next one. I don't mind, if you don't change it back to two missions a day either, that is fine, just one is better then nothing, two is better, but one is just fine. Thank you. Keep up all the great work you do GGG <3
Dkbcraft1 wrote:
Best Fishing buffs I've seen in years. LOGIN!

Actually funny, if you think about the recent fishing drama in poe :D

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