3.23.2 Patch Notes

Yes, finally DX 12 is out of beta!
And it's the perfect time to recache my shaders as I'm testing a new build for 3.24!

This is the first time this game has been unplayable for me. Made the mistake of activating a blight pump and could not see anything. Not good. Please revert this patch.
Swapped to Dx12 from Dx11 and it seems less laggy but alot of stuff is invisible, but I'd assume that's just cache issues so we'll see.

Well going to Dx12 or something in this patch and I'm just noticing is making my audio crackle with poe open... it's faint sometimes and very pronounced when I tab to something other than poe.

Well Vulkan doesn't lag to bad but most of the stuff inc ground is invisible and it makes the audio super crackle...

So I can either listen to music fine and lag horribly with Dx11 or Big crackle + No lag/loaded gfx or Just enough crackle to drive me mad and no lag...
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Well, amazingly, the game doesn't try to eat ALL my memory anymore! Just 90% of it.

Great job, GGG! You're slowly but surely making the game playable again.~
I can deal with pretty bad performance but this is not playable for me. It's stop motion no matter what settings I have it on.
I get better performense after the patch, only issue sofar is press J to view atlas and my maps are blurred like uncompleted maps but they are there it just a graphic error
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I came here to chime in that my performance has dropped significantly from where it was immediately before the patch. I came back post patch to Abyss spawns in weak maps turning my framerate into a slide show. I'm trying every combination of settings I can to get my performance back but it hasn't been very successful.
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