3.23.2 Patch Notes

Thanks GGG
Just don't improve like in 3.21.2 patch, lol
"End of March makes 3 months and 21 days which is almost 4 months and not 3 1/2, get your math right hoho."
AAAAAAAAND a crash out the gate!
Holly F-in Shiaaaat GGG i went from 130fps on vulkan and dx12 to 200fps. And you just casualy droped this like no big deal update ....
4 GB....
The Holy Bible
Praying that this fixes the memory and CPU issues we've been having with the game... I want to play again real badly.
U did a "great" job. The game is now unplayable. Keep "good work".
Does this mean game is less bloated now since some engine changes?


New DX12 renderer boosted up FPS and overall performance for me a lot.
Great update!
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that means all is lagging, freezing fps dropping hard. summary they fck up a game with this patch
huge drop in FPS/laggy, and just got my first freeze in ... can't remember how long

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