3.23.2 Patch Notes

Revert this patch immediately, you've destroyed performance. Much lower fps and the game is laggy.

edit: Now getting <50 fps while just doing normal non-juiced mapping, with lots of dips to <30 when I used to be closer to 100 before. This is really bad.

edit2: on dx11
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Well done and thank you!
please revert this patch, don't make us beta test your 'improvements'...
Well, the patch killed the performance on my computer....
even a 5800x3d with Geforce 4070 cant handle a juiced map now? LOL

and i already crashed the game 2 times in 10 minutes...
Does this mean other peoples MTX's will stop crashing the game? Are we going to get an option to turn off other peoples MTX so it stops lagging and crashing our games? It's so bad on league start.
Yet another crash, after massive lag doing a blight in a map, the 'loot' crashed me?

Might be time to try out Last Epoch :)
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Awesome! Appreciate the hard work the team put in and the update! I would like to say that there should be some changes for the who want to run One With Nothing Builds. Some of the elemental penetration skills say weapon but yet if you're this bad ass Monk. Technically your hands are your weapons so I personally think that needs to be fixed. I'd like to see a little more into something that would make for more builds like that. Like battlemage even working because you get attack damage with your dex and your hands are your weapons so it should count as a weapon. I've been playing since beta of this game and have supported it for a very long time. I would greatly appreciate a read through on my idea. Thank you!
Finally?! ^_^
I can't even login... botched patch. Test your stuff, yo.
Snowman420 wrote:
Voidborns going to 10 divine each :P

I doubt it. More foils = more garbage to pull. Lower chance for valuable drops = keys having lower value in general, if anything.

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