3.23.2 Patch Notes

56DIMON wrote:
Rex_Inferno wrote:

Your rig is fine, don't need to change it. The problem is POE, just look at the recommended specs that the game asks (hell the consoles have a worst spec than you and the game has support for it).
Also, modern games are trash anyway, there are literally mods for good games that are better than those said trash modern games.
Just one example:


After the update, it became very good to play on my old one.
Xeon E3-1230V2 3,3 ГГц-Turbo 3,7 ГГц LGA1155
DDR3 16 ГБ 1866
МГц Inno3D GTX 1060 3 ГБ
SSD 256 ГБ

Yes, the problem is the game.
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Pashid wrote:

Yes your rig is outdated for this game and pretty much also for most of all other modern games. They did had a larger engine upgrade with ToTa.
16 gb ram isn't really optimal anymore these days and at least 32gb is recommended to not only enjoy poe but also other modern games.
You can get away with your 1080 but something newer with more modern technology and vram would be better.
cpu is just well yea, old and not really powerful anymore to run cpu heavy games flawless and smooth.
But at least you picked a proper OS and don't stick with a bad and unsupported win7 like some inexperienced and unwise individuals do on their decade old rig.

So let's summary:

Recommended Steam requirements.

Pashid wrote:
They did had a larger engine upgrade with ToTa.

Large engine update? Did I miss something? What I saw is moving particle calculation on GPU. That's all. Not big deal if you ask me.

Pashid wrote:
16 gb ram isn't really optimal anymore these days and at least 32gb is recommended to not only enjoy poe but also other modern games.

He is clearly talking about PoE. 16GB ram is totally fine. The game takes like 8GB max, with some discords, browsers in background, the 16GB is optimal. It also what GGG claims.

RymdLeif wrote:
I just thought I'd meet at least minimum requirements with this rig.

You do. He spreads misinformation. It's just another "downgrade" engine patch. You can wait, or brute force it by more computing power.

Rex_Inferno wrote:
Also, modern games are trash anyway, there are literally mods for good games that are better than those said trash modern games.

"End of March makes 3 months and 21 days which is almost 4 months and not 3 1/2, get your math right hoho."
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Read the comments here and just wanted to mention, that it actually started to work without micro frizes for me, but i still have issue with waiting for mobs to load, like they literally don't have models and textures for some time, only effects load without any issues. Playing on my 10 years old notebook while at work :)

Intel Core i5 2.80 GHz, 12 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 850M
RymdLeif wrote:
Hello everyone!

This patch has made things worse than before. I've had my biggest problems with overall performance since early Trial of the Ancestor league patches, and I've been playing on and off since 2013.

This last patch only works in DirectX11, while DirectX12 and Vulcan makes everything blurry, when I click-move, it takes half a second for my character to move in that direction (and this is in town). I am also talking on lowest possible settings. I have tried all possible combinations of settings to see if there would be any improvements, but I havn't stumbled across anything so far.

In DX11 I can somewhat move around okay, but as soon as i enter any combat situation or zone my fps goes down to 5-10. While engaging in league content such as abyss or delirium, my screen turns to a slideshow, and I can't move.

Specs below:

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz
16,0 GB RAM
Win 10
(Edit: Nvidia GTX 1080 Graphics card)

Is my rig outdated for this game at this point? Or is it an issue with the renderer? I have played around 8 hours since last update, with no improvements to performance. For me it only made it much worse across the board.

Something (for me at least) went wrong with performance fix, and I'm seemingly not the only one having problems right now. I hate to say it, but at this point, unfortunately, seeing the words: "fixed performance" in a patch note sends shivers down my spine, because I think it's somehow going to make my game run worse than before.

Take care, and I'm hoping that we'll get a fix soon,


Recommended specs via Steam are as follows.

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Quad core 3.2GHz x64-compatible
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti or ATI Radeon™ RX560
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 40 GB available space
Additional Notes: Solid state storage is recommended

Your specs surpass the recommended specs.

An i7-6700K is a 4-core/8-thread CPU @ 4ghz, about 50% faster than the recommended specs. They never specified if you needed hyper-threading or not. Technically, an i7-6700K is 8 cores.
Your Memory is equal to the recommended specs.
Your GTX 1080 is like 5 times faster than a 1050 Ti.

It could be your internet, your computer components could be dusty, or your settings are set to high.

Recommended settings means
Latest nVidia driver using default settings.
In-game graphics are set to high.
Resolution is 1080p.

Recommended settings does not mean using an incredibility outdated nvidia driver for your GPU, setting in game graphics to maximum, refresh to 144hz, and resolution to 4k.

Anyone who says your PC does not meet the recommended requirements has no idea what they are talking about.
At first bad for me on PS5 after update, crashing on harbinger and death

Confirmed, on PS5, after update, it crashes all the time and disconnects unexpectedly, I removed HDR for further testing now

3.23.2 Patch Notes

Made several improvements and fixes to the engine.
After this patch, local cached assets will be cleaned up upon launching the client, in preparation of the upcoming league launch.
Our DirectX12 renderer is no longer in Beta.
Added 1070 more foiled Unique Item options that the Voidborn Reliquary can yield.
Added support for DualSense Controllers.
Fixed a bug where turning in a stack of The Rite of Elements Divination Cards did not grant credit towards the Divined Destiny Challenge.

This is a large patch (about 4GB) as some of the engine changes required shaders to be recompiled.

Is this coming to Mac also?

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