2023 Core Supporter Packs End Soon!

Love these packs ,i usually by 3 tiers cant afford the last 2 but cant wait for the new series
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When is new league out? :D give us at least announcement about announcement about announcement about announcement about stream that will announcement new league
is there chance you show next pack before deleting current one ?
ZeroXVZ wrote:
The last support pack is very expensive for us who live in Brazil...

I think every country have POE players what have some money to buy it) And also have some players who can say "that packs are to expensive")

GGG not pushing you or anyone else to buy expensive stuff, you can just buy 20-60$ pack, buy your stash tabs on sale and you are ready to do all content with full necessary stash tabs and some cosmetics.

If you need more cosmetics you can receive free boxes from the casino 1 week races or spending points (sweet 2 point pet).
I am from UA and we here have another ways to spend our money, but thanks GGG i can play my favorite game and still earn some cosmetics for free
Can we have some cosmetics that are Tribal? like a glowing armour with the asc logo? kinda cool i think
Nichelle_GGG wrote:
Skeptec wrote:
Still haven't received my physical goods and support is no help.

I bought them December 2022.

Don't buy these they are scamming their customers.

Hi Skeptec, I understand you're frustrated and I am very sorry for this. I found your email to Support and can see that you are currently awaiting a response as we have had to contact DPI for further information - we are currently awaiting a response from them.

To anyone else who may come across this post please feel free to private message me if you are having issues with your physical items and I will do my best to assist further.

Same here, although i received 1 of the 2 physical items atleatst, i am still waiting for the t-shirt; only thing i keep hearing is "there has been a delay" every time i contract support about it :(
what is the end date for the core packs exactly? :)
cimpeanu wrote:
what is the end date for the core packs exactly? :)

Probably by the end of the month;

I just bought it as I don't want to have any regret, like when I missed Orion :)
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Shut up and take my 480 GGG !
aneruok1 wrote:
Guess it's almost time to spend another 480.

Ah, my spirit animal.
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