3.22.1 Patch Notes

Oh, and the main thing I am amazed you have not put in this silly league mechanic yet is a grace period of at least 2 seconds when you spawn as (happens all the time) you spawn and get killed instantly without even being able to move. Happened to me SIX times in a row due to the stupid fire AOE. ZERO fun game at the moment. Done with it, I actually encouraged people to try this league and it has made me look like a complete idiot for doing so.

1. If you are going to have so many one-shot mechanics you should have them telegraphed clearly as it just makes for unfun gameplay otherwise.

2. A grace period on death is just mandatory. I've seriously done 3/4 of a match not being able to move due to Insta deaths on spawn.

3. For the love of god in a game where people enjoy working together don't make a league mechanic that does not benefit this at all.
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I install the game for the third time since the patch after receiving a file content.**** corruption message.

Chaos boss was rippi as ---
Now she running with 2~ hag who is immortal
(nerfed life pog ES takes around 2 min to break)
And they resurrecting dead totems like a candy every 5 sec :D

Titanic is still 3 min to kill

Now ppl rlly need to make a character only for mechanic....

It was fun to do except chaos (it was sad but doable) but now...

oh and the most fun part when they precasting skills on my spawn and camping on my roasted dead body...

"Spawn protection? who needz dat"...
Its fun to spawn to die again agian again

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Tank Turtle still broken. Only thing that matters.
What have you done?!!

Keep getting one shotted, some of the champions in there can take out all of my totems by themselves.

My units is nothing compared to theirs, I had fun at my silly rank of around 250 but now after the patch everything kills me.

This is not fun....
The new bosses are wayy to defensive, had a 11 minute match where it was just the boss tower and 6 of minions where the boss just farmed them for 11 minutes.

Shame I really like the mechanic, maybe I'll log back in for the next patch
Buff Heist please
the chipmunk chitters ceaselessly when it has an acorn.
I started the hoho movement.
"Tribe Chieftains now converse between matches in The Halls of the Dead."

I like the new season theme a lot. But the new "Tribe Chieftains now converse..." is annoying after a short duration of time.

They talk and talk and talk and repeat and repeat and repeat the same sentences over and over and over again and again and again. Unfortunately, they don't have too much different to say.

Please increase their cooldowns, so that they cant repeat each and every second.

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