3.22.1 Patch Notes

Looks like contrary to what I first thought, titanic shells can actually protect their own totem when placed in positions other than escort now - though they aren't guaranteed to do it right away unless they are placed on escort, where they still always completely bug out and never move. However, protecting its own totem seems to be associated with its AI bugging out and preventing it from moving, regardless of the position it is in, which just reinforces the fact that it IS a bug that GGG gave up on fixing.

What this means, of course, is that they are even more bs than before the patch now, and you should abandon any early strategy you might have to wipe out Kahuturoa before his team can get any turtles, because right now a late round Kahuturoa team has a much bigger chance to become effectively nearly invincible. Incredible.

Sure, GGG will just claim that this is all "intended" behaviour. I guess if I hadn't stopped taking anything GGG says at face value many years ago I'd be pretty mad, instead of just extremely annoyed.
This patch destroyed TOTA for me. Ive been having the most fun that I have ever had playing POE with TOTA and was only rank 420. I wasn't cheesing and didn't like it just for the rewards. But this most recent patch makes matches so annoying and THE OPPOSITE of enjoyable at these lower levels. The enemies are too aggressive and the chieftains are too overtuned. The game was better ever with Titanic shell pre-patch

Edit: I was tilted cause I lost the first match after the patch. After playing some more I realized it isn't that bad and there is a bit more thrill cause the game is more intense.
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Can someone point me in the direction of the thread that covers the performance issues with 3.21, last patch of crucible league.

I'm unable to run any of the additional content since that patch, deli./exp./abyss etc, have 2 run with just smuggler caches.

I'm seeing various threads, mostly without comment from GGG.

Where is their opinion on the subject

What options should I be trying.

Ive tried vulcan/dx12, worse for me, or maybe I have 2 play for several hours, if some cache is having 2 be rebuilt.

PS Rogue Harbour is now loading in 20 odd secs, better than before, but nothing like a month ago.

PS i54590 / 16gb / GTX 1050ti 4gb / ssd
(This was written for Twitter so it’s kinda compressed) To preface; I love PoE. The base game is amazing and I’ve played a lot of hours this league and I’m really enjoying it. However, the league mechanic has some glaring issues that makes it go from fun+hard to FRUSTRATING+hard at higher ratings. To the point where I choose to not interact with it since I get so frustrated, and that’s a shame because I generally really like the mechanic.

Serious, «gamebreaking» issues that need to be adressed ASAP:

Freezing your current rating/being able to lower your rating. You need to be able to adjust this so you can do the level of content you can feasibly engage with. Getting stuck on a wall with no way of doing anything leaves you with two choices; lvling a new char or stop interacting with TOTA on the given character.

Titanic Shell. Lowering HP and reducing spawn time won’t matter as it’s pretty much unkillable anyway. GL trying to get these down with a million other things going on around you that all one shots you if you get hit. The way they protect a bazillion totems is pretty much an insta-loss in many matches as there is simply no way to get their totem down before you get wrecked. I don’t know the solution to this but at least make them defend WAY less totems. Maybe more squishy if they’re placed in the Escort role? Something has to be done – they’re obnoxious.

Other issues:

Problem units. Death’s Prophet; your units suicide into their totem which is a massive problem.
Storm Conduit; either nerf the range of the beam or somehow make it more telegraphed, as it stands they just delete you without you being able to see it.
Units with proximity shield; this is a huge problem in higher rankings when you meet a team with a LOT of proximity shields that are offensive on your totems. You can’t hit them in higher rankings without getting one shot before they destroy your base. Good luck interrupting 3-4 units overlapped with proxy shields when you have to run inside them.

General balance (especially bad with Rongokurai that kills you by breathing on you). Things get way too tanky and deal way too much damage and your own units doesn’t seem to match up at all. Especially bad combined with bad AI. Repeatedly dying from stuff you can’t really see (too much going on/off-screen stuff/etc.) feels very bad. Pair this up with getting instakilled after spawning before it’s possible to do anything makes it feel even worse.

Stuns/AI on your team VS enemy team. It’s very frustrating feeling like you get punished HARD for getting hit while channeling but their units don’t seem to get the same. I’m not sure why this is; do they track incoming attacks and stop channeling a split second before getting hit then resume the channel immediately?

Also; please reconsider stun timer for both you and enemy (5 sec is very excessive and feels like getting kicked in the balls, especially combined with the previous point). And the AI in general seems bad for own units; sometimes I don’t understand what they’re doing/they don’t do their job properly.
I’m worried about tracking and how it can impact the feeling/frustration levels of the mechanic. Some abilities are bad enough as it is (f.ex the chaos lady and her strike from the skies she keeps spamming on you even if she’s on the other side of the arena).

Buffing stuff while these problems are present seems very out of touch and is, frankly, provocative. The problems get glaringly obvious at higher rankings which leads me to believe how it plays on higher rankings wasn’t taken into account as much as it should. I really hope it gets fixed as I want nothing more than to blast TOTA and enjoy it. But until this gets adressed I think it’s standard with extra steps for me ☹.

pog pog frog ty
Great! Now I can sell all my shitty coins and never go back to the league mechannic. (mb till reversed patch)
>The Spear Dancer has had their damage lowered by roughly 30%, and the range of which they can use their Engage Skill has been lowered by roughly 33%.

The word "of" should be "at" in this sentence, i.e.: "the range at which." This kind of error became a recurring problem in GGG's patch notes and general communication around the latter half of 3.21. Constant misuse or flat out misunderstanding of the word "which," and repeated, bizarre writing mistakes. It's embarrassing.

You're wrong as well... It should be, "The Spear Dancer's damage has been lowered by roughly 30%, and the range of their Engage Skill has been lowered by roughly 33%."
Ok. So the turtle is 20% less healthy. Still a pinnacle boss hp tank.

But wtf did you buff almost every other unit.

This patch feels like it has more details than the actual patch notes sans ruthless. And these changes suck.

Seriously, this ain't it.
super lame. You did all these nice things but still didn't fix the stupid spear warrior that you cannot dodge and one hit you no matter how tanky you are. [Removed by Support]
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4 months waiting for this league and all we got is even worse crap than Lake of Kalandra. Can't believe it was even possible...

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