3.22.1 Patch Notes

wait but there's no fix for the titanic shell bug?
Fixed a bug where the dragon on the Dragonfire Portal Effect microtransaction would breath fire at your allies.

There should be an option to enable the "bug" again for those who consider even allies as enemies lol
the unrighteous were turned to ash~
That's a lot!
I am not Anti-Social, I am just selective on whom I wish to be social with.
Wait, am i reading this wrong, not only Kahuatora was not reviewed but you also made the others harder too?
Surely the BIGGEST patch mid league. Your have to accept you fkd up big this time. Maybe i'll try the league deeply now... or at least with some more interest.
Playa pimp.
With 43k armour block and resist i die in this mechanic league , why ?
Started playing in Ultimatum.

Steam: 413758162
Discord: ash91
Well done.
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