3.22.1 Patch Notes

The performance issues have gone away for me, the game runs smoothly again. As a thank you I purchased from the store! Thank you for all these years.
Rippy AF
This patch made ToTA way worse.
I thought this is good patch and that it would fix performance...sadly still bad...
Did the people who made this patch play TOTA above rank 100?
Utula's Fireball skill now deals roughly twice as much damage at level 83 in the Trial of the Ancestors.
Rakiata's Geyser skill now scales with level, and their Sweep skill has had its damage increased. The damage of their Leap Slam skill has also had its damage increased at level 83.
Kaom's Slam and Fire Fists skills have had their damage increased, the final Fire Fist now deals roughly two and a half times more damage. Kaom also now deals more damage in their Axe Stance.

It's not that they already nuked your butt off the planet... wtf
What are you wanting me to do more? Life + Spell Suppression + Evasion + Blind
Can you give me please an appropiate counter for those?
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I got a crash again - pc freezed for a couple of seconds & sound looped too. Jesus christ...
Nice improvements in UI but ever since this patch I've never even won a tournament in Ancestors. One hell of a buff...
Hmm I've just run 100+ Tournaments and rewards were ninja nerfed liked crazy - Yes units are cheaper but the combinations of 250 & 500 means now it takes twice as long to get better units unless you fill your team up with Navali units which suck like literally - if you use them to trade you just get out numbers - round two and I'm facing 9 units with a Titanic shell protecting 8 totems right off the bat!!

Flanker AI for players is pile of crap as they are too busy fighting units where as the Enemy Flankers move from totem to totem and don't find which is crazy annoying I cant def & attack & be bait the whole time - since the patch my enjoyment has gone out the window!!

FYI I have been Rank 2k for over a week now yes the 1 shots are annoying but the chance of getting divines or rewards made it worth it but now with the chunkiness and the lack of decent rewards what's the point!

There also needs to be a 3 second immunity on res as if they are in your base you are insta dead when you spawn you move 1 step you get spears insta dead - this is the most frustrating things

If you are gonna ninja nerf rewards please make it clear to the player base!!
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