3.22.1 Patch Notes

Loading times seem much shorter in town, I used to be stuck at 1 FPS from time to time until I restart, it didn't happen yet. Still getting some crashes though.

The Titanic Shell update is very disappointing, it doesn't change anything... Still a gamble if it's in defense and auto logout if in escort position. And now we have to deal with the chieftain spending the whole fight around its totem to make things more fun.

It's definitely harder and borderline boring now, you can't kill the chieftain yourself anyway so you have to spend 5 minutes each fight dragging them away from their totem so your flankers can do something...
So it is still considered part of the league mechanic, that I get randomly oneshot by the enemie champion that I take ages to kill and respawns almost instantly after rank 350. f this
I don't know which is worse poe or d4
I have had an insane amount of crashes lately, and there could be seen no reason why. I just tried to play at standard league with one old character, and I was surprised - no crash for 15 minute. So, why didn't I, because I could not even play a minute at league hardcore.

I went back and it took less than a minute and a new crash. Every setting the same. Then I just tried to change from directX12 to Vulcan and even turned off GI (the one together with shadow). All crashes disappeared.

Why? Because the crashes didnt start with any update of anything. But they were not like this in the beginning. ANd crashes is the only issue I have had, except one disconnect or so.

I bet - no one know what the issue is, because we all have so different issues since that performance patch. It is kind of a lottery, and I can't even hope this will be it. I just wait for next crash, if not before probably after a hotfix.

But try random things and see what could help. This has not helped earlier. But havnt had both of these changes at the same either.
wow just wow ....

thanks for nothing
i was just starting the league mechanic , had so much fun and i did not even use a cheese mechanic ...

one day later you guys messed up ..

so thanks back to mapping !
still no fix on league hits applying before the actual animation. lul
Updated the information text on the match planning screen to clarify Warriors are interrupted and unable to take any actions for a duration when they take 5% of their combined Life and Energy Shield as damage while Banishing an Ancestral Totem.

wow, so it is as intended that our teammates are unable to defeat death's guide totems because they get perma stunned. cool. unless we get at least 2 sunset sages (which are still op btw with their freeze and high ES), given there are no defenders which is like never since bosses defend more now...
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I'm done. I'm sick of this broken game
You guys are usually awesome at listening to player feedback and improving league mechanics. Thank you.
But I feel you completely missed the mark on this one with 2 simple things.

1. The change to enemy chieftain AI makes matches much easier overall. But they take 3x as long as before. From my experience today, the chieftains prefer to stay in their own base now, which means it's much easier to defend my own totems. But now there's a chieftain and 4 extra escort mobs defending the whole match. It is so difficult to attack enemy totems and makes matches drag on for sooooo much longer than before.

2. Thank you for adding a forfeit button. But why is it only available AFTER my totem is destroyed. Atleast 90% of the time I would want to use it is long before my totem is destroyed. And with the changes to enemy chieftain AI, it takes forever for my totem to die since there is 5 less enemies attacking my base.

Simple fix suggestions:
Either revert the changes to enemy chieftain AI all together (prefered fix).
Or make it so the enemy chieftain's only goal is killing me so I can make them go wherever I want.

And make the forfeit button available as soon as the match starts.
MokreGacie wrote:
I'm done. I'm sick of this broken game

BB and gl farming shako lmao

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