3.22.1 Patch Notes

The Ritual Challenge change is a mixed bag. While I'm happy no one else has to suffer through it, it feels absolutely awful for a challenge to be made 100 times easier once you have completed it..

Please try to avoid this in the future.
Revert the AI changes for the enemy chieftains. They're so bullshit now. I'd rather deal with offscreen deaths to spear dancers than this shit.
Win 10, DirectX11, 8 GB RAM, 1050 ti

Played 2h 16-18:00 in Europe (Amsterdam).

Was glad to see town and ho loeading times were good. Only a few seconds longer than before 3.21.1.
No crashes.

Lost my 3rd tournament in 4 rounds and won the 4th - my first tournament victory.
Did not understand realy why some fights are much easier than others ...


Played 2h from 01-03.

Town loading times were worse, though not as bad as before this patch.
But had 2 logouts to login screen and one total crash!

Performance in Act 9 areas was bad to average.

Strange that there is such a great difference to 9h before.
The number of players in Europe should have been much smaller after midnight.
Titanic Turtles who are affected with impaired intellectual development and lack of hair on their head are still affected with impaired intellectual development and lack of hair on their head.
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so "Loading screens no longer wait to finish loading the visual effects of other characters before you load into the area" tells us that the obscene load times ARE because of MTX's?
Who thought that was needed? Was it sales? Is it the same people that insisted that rogue harbor needs to be the hellhole with 50 people standing on top of portals with mtx's of every possible sort turning the area into a mess?
Seriously, the only thing that change was doing was making it so I absolutely hated entering ANY area where there can be other players because my load time would take 30 times longer than for maps and hideouts.
I just have to wonder how many times will they make the same mistake over and over again and realise that IMMUNITY IS NOT A FUN GAME MECHANIC!

Remove titanic shell from the game entirely or make the immunity periodic / do not defend their own totem.
IGN: Traxi
MokreGacie wrote:
I don't know which is worse poe or d4


Another patch without any proper performance improvements.

I guess it's time to officially give up and forget this league/patch.
maybe we can actually play this league mechanic after that patch?!
I've played 5-6 tournaments now after the patch landed on consoles too. Am relieved to say that it felt better than feared, and I'd say it's in a good state now. At least based on that very small sample size, heh.

The chieftains are more aggressive, definitely -- as in going after the human player. Not single-mindedly so, but more than before. Matches also feel more dynamic. Sometimes I'd lose before in what felt like 30 seconds, and other times we'd win at a similar canter, tho I've no idea what the difference in approach really was. Now it's perhaps easier to keep control in terms of where you help out. And especially towards the end of matches, the chieftain will come back to help defend his/her totem, or to go after the human.

Still a lot of one-shots, and half the time I've zero idea what killed me. Cause the people near me are at the start of animations, so if one of those killed me, the animation doesn't portray when we get hit.

There are also rubberbanding issues, especially after having been frozen/stunned. When it lets up, typically I'm in a corner after frantically trying to get away, but I don't see the actual movement. A few times I've seen one of those boar-like warriors jittering forward, almost as if you see stuff with "blacklight".

So there are some performance issues, but overall it feels fairly good, and I'm glad to see that the changes aren't as bad as it was easy to suspect based on the patch notes. I'm "only" at rank 500, but those tournaments felt pretty good compared to before. Even beat my archnemesis Kurua!! :o

(that has been my nickname for him, because it literally means cowshit in my language)

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