3.21.1 Patch Notes

u literally bought ur challenges lol
The Cycling Damage Reduction monster modifier now grants 80% reduced damage taken from elements other than the active one (previously 90% reduced).

What the actual f***? How is this mod even a thing?
ctrl + f totem
ctrl + f explode
trickdaemon wrote:
Could ya'll tune the totem crucible node so it doesn't force the people that are abusing it to not have fun by following cookie cutter metagoblin bs :P

Shhh. Snitches get stitches ;)
Oh welp. Few days ago i spent like 10 divs buying primordial remnants. Good for those that still need the challenge i guess.
gud job
Innocence forgives you
If there wasn't a currency node in the curicible passive only few of playerbase would use the league mechanic. It is really underwhelming.

Plus you need to add some servers across the word where people gets to play with 70+ ping.

Also you guys patch some of the stuff way too late.
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bring loot
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