3.21.1 Patch Notes

Oh neat, I can get Towering Titans done now.

Evolutions still sucks though.
Please fix laggy servers :'(
Maybe rename "Cycling Damage Reduction" to "Cycling Damage Vulnerability" since this entire time I thought based on the name the monster cycled ONE element it had giga reduction to rather than one that it DOESN'T get reduction against. No wonder that mod feels like absolute shit to deal with.
Lixy wrote:
Oh neat, I can get Towering Titans done now.

Evolutions still sucks though.

Oh congrats.......
rip using glowless Victorious on purpose for aesthetics
Skydogg5555 wrote:

Fixed a bug where the Crucible Passive Skill Tree modifier that causes Buffs on you to expire faster was applying to Flasks.

As a pathfinder main, I thank you. I thought this was a feature, not a bug.
The Cycling Damage Reduction monster modifier now grants 80% reduced damage taken from elements other than the active one (previously 90% reduced).

Guys, can you PLEASE make this modifier an actual Cycling Damage Reduction? Its when the monster is not taking (or taking but significantly reduced) damage of ONE TYPE, not goddamn 4 out of 5 at time. Then its called Cycling Damage Window and its not okay no matter if its 80% or 90% reduction.
Its like Proximity Shields that has nothing to do with the proximity. Although it would help both the servers and the players to make them into damage reduction based on the distance, rather than infinite calculations of non-appliable damage:)
patching a mechanic a month after..thats so bad, 90%+ of ppl are skipping it. masters of not knowing your player base.
Guys, the league mechanic is lame. where dopamine? please fix.

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