3.21.1 Patch Notes

You're misunderstanding this change. They buffed players.
Many thanks for easier last challenges!
Soul Mantle Spidersilk FIX when? D:
"Fixed some instances where monsters could become stuck in the Crucible Forge."


now fix saboteur pls

also where's my stygian dark pact skin
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"Has any exile really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?"

What in the coded talk is that supposed to mean?

I really hope the crashes are actually patched. 6 server crashes and 3 client crashes in the past two days. When that happens, a lot of players will refuse to return to your game for a couple days.

Lastly, has anyone else been experiencing the black squares and white ground effects during Deli and Harvest encounters?
"You can now unallocate Crucible Passive Skills in the Crucible Forge UI when using Controller Input Mode."

Should been added since start of the league lol...
Maybe rename "Cycling Damage Reduction" to "Cycling Damage Vulnerability" since this entire time I thought based on the name the monster cycled ONE element it had giga reduction to rather than one that it DOESN'T get reduction against. No wonder that mod feels like absolute shit to deal with.

Shiiiiet, thats what I thought too. That would explain those really fun and engaging fights where I had like 3 seconds damage uptime and 20 seconds immunity, or sorry I meant 90% reduction, before I could damage the monster again.

That mod is all kinds of busted, 80% is still a ridiculous number. Especially when the previous 90% felt like damn near immunity. There is also no visual indication of what element or damage type the monster is vulnerable to right now, so the player could time their dps cooldowns, etc. It's literally just a big fat road block kinda monster, no intruiging gameplay involved, just pretty damn anti fun design.

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good patch
Hamza12345PoE wrote:
ok why though

"Okay but why are you updating your game?"
Wouldn't expect more from a skeleton crew of devs...
No meaningful changes at all. I guess all their focus on poe 2...

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