Diablo 4 announces that there will be a campaign skip ... its time for POE to do the same

Yea, for clarity, I never said a character boost, I said leveling alternatives.

D4 scales with you by region so this will never be a problem post-campaign. Just do the content you want to level with subsequently. I don't know how else you could look at that as not "alternative". It's a nice option they are giving players.
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RandallPOE said: "The whole post I quoted is shitting on GGG for forcing people to relevel is it not?"

Not really. It's about rerunning the acts not releveling persay.
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The hard part is balancing how you achieve the leveling and putting in rules for race events. Diablo 4's areas scale, so it works for that much easier than a progressive setup, like POE campaigns. That said, I am all for it. I am a 10+ vet of the game, but also a filthy casual as I run a business and have limited time to play. I barely get 4 characters to the mid 90s per league, as it is. Could do much more if I did not have to replay the same campaign, that I have been through hundreds of times.

For race leagues/events, make campaign mandatory, maybe?

For the rest...
Would it be you have to play the campaign once per league? Would likely be the easiest to implement.

Would it be an alternative leveling system? I could see this as more work on GGG's side, so they would likely be hesitant.
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As one who enjoys playing the campaign with each new character, I see an opportunity to satisfy those who don't. It has been suggested that alternate means be available to level, such as Delving or Heisting, and that has some merit. For those who simply dislike the campaign, an alternate set of equivalent rewards structured for those environments at the appropriate levels would provide that option.

The other issue is that, for those who really enjoy Heisting or Delving, it is all too easy to overlevel relative to the currently mandatory campaign progression. I already have that problem in the Crucible league because I always crank the encounter to the highest Lethal level, and say what you will about drops, the xp seems to be pretty substantial, because I find myself overleveling the campaign to the point that I even occasionally overlevel the league mechanic itself, so that it doesn't even appear if I'm 11 levels over the instance.

So, yeah, a little variety would be nice, but it would also entail a lot of work balancing the one option against any others, to say nothing of the added flavor bits. It would also absolutely not work with races, because I don't see GGG splitting the player base with Delve, Heist, and classic Campaign divisions.

Realistically, it isn't gonna happen. ='[.]'=

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Adventure mode and mass ID are a couple things that Diablo 3 did right and I miss those things when playing Poe.
you give me the ability to level through Delve/Heist (and still get all the passive points from the story) and I would have like 8 characters every season.

I don't mind leveling i just hate doing the story over and over again.

i honestly don't see why this is a problem.
Khallis wrote:
you give me the ability to level through Delve/Heist (and still get all the passive points from the story) and I would have like 8 characters every season.

I don't mind leveling i just hate doing the story over and over again.

i honestly don't see why this is a problem.

So I'd wonder what is the functional difference between running random maps and running the story. Each zone is functionally a map, it can spawn events (well, mostly in the latter half, but it's not like you don't run into essences and strong boxes throughout). But each zone is just an uncontrolled tile set with disperate monsters (even if not mostly random as per maps) and a boss.

Obviously the campaigns goal is to drip feed the learning curve, but also to force pacing, nothing makes a game stale like repitition, forcing players to relevel through a campaign is a way to act as a barrier to people making new characters (even if a well practiced player can easily pass through in just a day or two, even a casual player who likes listening to the NPCs like me, 3 Days of playing for 3-5 hours a day gets through it no problem with a bad build). A reason they may be redicent to remove this barrier is the perception of value characters have once they are past that point and are 'free' so to speak.
the last thing GGG need to do is copy anything from diablo 4 wich is going to be a disaster of a game
Path of Exile will NOT become Diablo 3.
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I think That could be a great idea. I play D3 and Path of exile and I have almost the 5 times in D3 than in path.

For the people who says "Not gonna be like diablo", Path of exile BORN because of Diablo Franchise and has multiples things basead on it but mixed with original ideas.

Like I said before that feature should be in the game, I know that we have to use the Campaign to learn the game and yes, but it's more like learning just the basic combats mechanics, in most parts of the acts we don't even need to change our gears because our layers of defense are low or dps is too low.

Layers of defense, league mechanics, delves, deliriuns and a lot of things is explained by thirds because the campaign can't teach you most of things in the late game.

There is a lot for me to study in this game yet, but almost all I learn is for mapping. Yes, I could learn the layouts and everything but if I wanna play the same content over and over again I could play a single player RPG like Elden Ring or other action game that I can replay to just have a better race.

Not everyone is a speed-runner, there is people who do 30 maps/hour or maybe more but most of players are not like this.

The acts system is one of the things that some players quit the game or even don't play leagues, I have two leveled characters over 80 and I just don't wanna to get in the league because of acts and the endless farming process, it really hard to get gear without trade and withoud gear you can't run the content that give you better gear and currency.

In the end GGG just expand things like the passive tree and the leveling process and that make less people to play, I know that you all love this game and I really like it too but we have to accept that the game has too many barriers for beginners and casuals who often want to try more characters and builds, they often just give up.

Remember the most important thing for a free game is to have more players and simple layout and clear Hud's could be nicer for a newcomer.

For example the passive tree could not show everything but just a part by default and the stats screen could show less numbers with showing the total numbers. But those things I suggested should be optional and you can turn on and off the detailed mode for stats or show the full tree.

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