Diablo 4 announces that there will be a campaign skip ... its time for POE to do the same

Well, GGG has until this next exilecon to prove me wrong, but, I predict they won't go anywhere near a campaign skip because all we've known about poe4.0 is that it's just a new campaign... why then put in place a way to skip it.
let everyone start at t-16 maps, that's what everyone seems to want, the campaign? ha, why do that when you can run the same maps over and over again ad infinitum.
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campaign is the only reason I barely play more than one character per league. we should at least be able to start from act 6 after the first character
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Even without being constrained by having to do the campaign I think time to hit the highest world tier in D4 will still take the average player longer than it takes to hit maps in POE. It's the exact same world with the same open world events, side quests, dungeons etc. but minus the campaign quests. You'll still need to grind enough to be able to beat the capstone dungeon bosses to progress to the next world tier.

Would be fairly easy for POE2 to have something similar - once you start a new character having already completed the campaign just have all the waypoints unlocked and all quests for skill points available straight away so you can level where you like. That way all the time spent creating the new campaign wouldn't be wasted if you're still levelling in those areas.
I understand perfectly well why we can't just skip the acts from the get-go in a new league. Economy, journey, attachment, progression... But I do think it's time to implement some sort of mechanic to ease up on leveling your second, third or fourth character. How that mechanic should look like, I don't really know.

Personally, I don't really mind leveling new characters. I've almost leveled 3 characters already this league. But I do think it's an issue when it comes to player retention for a lot of people, and I can't really see how it would hurt/damage anyone/anything.
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seems it's another thing Tggg wont do because they try so hard over the years to "not be like blizzard"

while some of the players are already sick of the same acts and campaign.. the league mechanics every 90-120 days are just a placebo to make it less annoying unless it's this league or kalandra..
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GGG know the current campaign is too long and a 2x copy paste, the new one will be much better. Non-issue.
Khallis wrote:
and there will be an alternate way to level.

Yeah, but you will still have to level.

If there is another way or not.. people will complain after a while that the different way of levelling get's boring and tedious... mark my words.. gamers are lazy nowadays ;)
roundishcap wrote:
I think POE players and devs are too enamored with the race at league resets to ever let players skip or boost each other.

I know that five ways are a thing, but real d2 and d3 boosting takes like 15 minutes to get to endgame levels.

POE2 is going to answer where the direction of this game is going. I except to be disappointed with the reveal at exilecon (if there is one) because the stuff coming out of GGG since poe2 was announced has been truly mid, mediocre, forced, tiring, unfun game changes to keep people logged in.

Letting people progress to endgame faster without practicing in a racing group for days on end is just not on their agenda.

Not really a reason to not allow it. Even for racers.

The most intense race is during the initial/first campaign playthrough and late yellow/early red maps. This means campaign is already beaten and campaign skip is unlocked and some twink gear farmed.

If racers now die in low or high red maps they will all immediately use the campaign skip/alternative leveling to boost faster than before while normal players can still play the campaign as usual if they wish.

I personally think there will be an official alternative way for campaign skip/alternative leveling (after beating campaign for 1st time) but some time after people figure out which campaign (POE1 or 2) will be faster.
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