No Balance Manifestos for 3.21 - Here's Why

Petardinjo wrote:
This largely seem like you're worried you're gonna lie to the player base again by conveniently forgetting something that will piss off a large chunk again, only to then have to put in several patches to make it playable again.

We're not going to release things so people can't hold us accountable if we again conveniently ''forget'' stuff again.

Wow this is some very hot take, full of salt and rage. I understand you love this game so much, but please, keep it civil, saying lying player base is a bit harsh.. they don't "owe you anything", their game - their rules. This is spaghettis monster code game old 86 years and keeping it balanced in 2023 - you know technology isn't there yet..

I never said they owed anyone anything, but rather when they lied about the drop changes or conveniently ''forgot''. If it was anything else, it could be explained as they forgot it, but its something that pissed off almost everyone. The issue wasn't the changes well not entirely anyways, but that they hid it from the player base.
ok but why

"Since we've purged the community of heretics we no longer need to pretend to seek your approval. We know whoever's left will pay us regardless."

That's honestly how I took this. And equally honestly, it's refreshing. It's, sorry to repeat myself, honest. They never sought our input anyway. They knew it would boil down to "POG" and "dear god please don't" anyway.

What people say and how they spend are I strongly suspect unrelated. And it's that second category they really care about.

I'm addicted regardless. They know they can safely ignore me and anyone like me. So, meh. It is what it is.
Too much censorship that you never even see. Totally removed posts and silenced accounts across all communities.
Can't wait to see how they F this up. I just want D4 to destroy PoE so GGG start trying again.
Our balance goals with 3.21 are to provide more options and more fun for as many builds as possible,

mmmm I'll believe it when I see it...
~ Seph
No Balance Manifestos for 3.21 - Here's Why

And the why:

Because we are going to nerf the game even more and we don't want people to see too quickly, so they won't organize with a backlash

This will go over well.
Don't worry though

Never would!
Thanks for the update! I'm looking forward to the 3.21 teasers :)
Reasonable. Looking forward to 3.21.

I hope this means buffing of underused skills.

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