No Balance Manifestos for 3.21 - Here's Why

Please buff something, anything you will not nerf, buff it.
This largely seem like you're worried you're gonna lie to the player base again by conveniently forgetting something that will piss off a large chunk again, only to then have to put in several patches to make it playable again.

We're not going to release things so people can't hold us accountable if we again conveniently ''forget'' stuff again.

Wow this is some very hot take, full of salt and rage. I understand you love this game so much, but please, keep it civil, saying lying player base is a bit harsh.. they don't "owe you anything", their game - their rules. This is spaghettis monster code game old 86 years and keeping it balanced in 2023 - you know technology isn't there yet..
the line between manifesto and patch note has been very badly blurred over time, so it's good to hear that you are aware of this. i hate when we get the patch notes and a big chunk of them is directly copied from the manifestos we reviewed a week before. the patch notes should be just the "what" and the manifesto should mostly be the "why" (with some context so it still makes sense on its own).

the only kind of changes that i can think of that wouldn't really require a manifesto for are simple numerical ones - so perhaps reddit is finally getting the "just buff the damage of all underused skills by 200%" change they have been asking for! (i hope not)
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Wouldn't it be absolutely insane if they removed the cost from triggered spells?
I'm looking forward to the reveal :D
I want to run around as Righteous Fire doing cold damage.
Playing only Righteous Fire.
Used to play only Singed in LOL : canonlysinged
Petardinjo wrote:

...This is spaghettis monster code game old 86 years and keeping it balanced in 2023 - you know technology isn't there yet..

No one can hear you poop in the forrest.
dead chaff league incoming
Bring back Minions plz
With as many numbers changing as you claim, but this not being a nerf-fest makes me think this will be the great righting of the ship before PoE2 manifests. Get all the skills/uniques/passives in ship-shape condition so that they can shine their best going forward.

Or at least, that's my hope anyway. Sanctum's gonna be a tough act to follow unless there's something truly special being cooked up.

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