No Balance Manifestos for 3.21 - Here's Why

will the 3.21 patch be as disappointing as 3.20? or you finaly spend more hten 5 Minute invest into make some meta changed and not hope we desperately need have to check after ur nerf punch what is left in the box ?

Chaos Skills waiting since 15 Leagues to get a come back or did Forbidden Rite destroyed your confidence in balancing Chaos skills?
IMO this is way overdue. There is a backlog of items and skills that need to be fixed up to modern standards. It would be nice to have some more casual options that don't require massive investment to be endgame playable.
Good to know. And should this say require greater context than the livestream explains?

...require greater context that the livestream explains...

I love ❤️ it. Keep it up! Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast


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3.21 is most definitely not a nerf-fest.

TEN Grand it becomes one of the worst nerf-fests ever. Obviously joking, can't bet THAT much. LOL
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Hope this its a joke,we need to know the nerfs and buffs in general,imagine tryng to do something and crashing coz you got a nerf....not big fan of this.

Did Chris write this? He basicly wrote down that there will be no more balance manifesto because you little b*đ&@s dont deserve it and you always cry about it.
He is right tho.
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I think this lack of transparency is wrong and i hope you wont go this route because this not what players invested in your game for.

Patch notes are important and buffs and nerfs should be heavily documented and communicated with the playerbase.
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