The Forbidden Sanctum Talent Competition

AI Art birth pangs.

Many arguments and counter arguments on both sides. For me personally I love it. I don't love artists losing their jobs or not credited by their works but the tool itself is amazing. Me with not an ounce of artistic skill can produce beautiful images thru sheer imagination, typing prompts and repeatedly refining them together with the sliders and knobs on a web ui. It's not that easy to get that nice output that you really want but when you get it, the result is borderline Magic! If I can do those then I can't imagine what real artists can do with this amazing tool. This tool can leapfrog an artist's creativity, vision and ultimately their craft to new heights. I'd assume it would be glorious.

Us playing PoE, pretending and enjoying casting fire balls, decimating hoards of digital enemies and all sorts of magical fantasy, doing amazing things with our avatars to the limits of what the computer code allows us. Then the same computer code allowing us real-world art magic and we deny it?

I understand the resistance. Yes, jobs and people's livelihood could be at stake, but this has happened since the dawn of time. New innovations and progress will always have, perhaps in a callous way of saying, "collateral damage". I love and adore artists, as an aspiring but failed one. I support our local artists in my city, since my friend and previous co-worker is an artist, a really good charcoal painter specialized in restoring old and damaged photographs, he's really good with gimp/photoshop also. I often go to him when I want some of my pictures "enhanced". It's amazing what a few clicks and adjustments to his workflow does, and an already very good wedding picture becomes out of this world good. A frequent visitor to deviantart, browsing there calms me and makes me happy. But I am not an artist so I cannot possibly feel what they are feeling towards AI art, I am however a great part in my life, a programmer so I have my biases.

I am glad for all these AI Art lawsuits left and right. This hopefully will pave the way for the consolidation of legal rules and practice on how and what we should and can do with AI Art. Hopefully a good outcome can be made, for both AI Art and our beloved artists. And hopefully this will not stifle nor kill this amazing tech. And for our artists, I am confident that they will survive and they will thrive, they are artists after all, creative to the core of their being. If at all this will only be a small bump on their artistic endeavors if not a huge boon.

And yes. GGG can exclude AI Art in their contest, their contest their rules, I have no problem with that. For those few brave AI artists who posted, very nice, amazing generations, but not here or perhaps not yet. Good luck to all who have entered, keep it up Exiles.

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Superpie43 wrote:
Made a quick remix of Lycia's boss fight theme.

Hello! Here's my entry - Lycia!
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The Forbidden Sanctum - Animated Start Screen

Video Link:

My submission for the competition! Absolutely love the league, thank you!
Natilo wrote:

"My name is Divinia – I am a Templar academic and relic enthusiast. I have stumbled upon an abandoned Templar enclave beneath the Fellshrine Ruins, not far from here. Will you join me in uncovering its secrets?"

This fanart is a tribute to Divina and how I imagine her search for the Forbidden Sanctum must've started: Digging through old books and tomes in dusty libraries, searching for answers amongst ancient writing in the dim light from scattered candles.

For the progress of the artwork, click below.


Good luck to everyone participating in the competition!!

ps. Funny trivia:
- There is a Toucan hiding somehwere - see if you can find it!
- The text across Divinia's chest is a paragraph from "Lorem Ipsum".
- The text on the book pages are paragraphs from the community wiki lore page. Whoever keeps that updated, thank you! <3
- Time taken to complete: 16 days, with the last 2 weekends being the heavy lifters.

pps. AI art has no place in a talent competition. There is zero talent in typing in queries for a bot to work with. Never was, never will be.

My entry is posted! Good luck to all! :D
My fanworks thread:
My hideout showcase thread:

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I chose the floor bosses to do this embroidery, Varakath's art is so cute, that I couldn't resist. I used a 10cm circle embroidery hoop, 9 or 10 embroidery thread shades, a magic pen and unbleached cotton fabric.
It's a thread painting, at first it's supposed to be something fluid, but I tried my best to keep the lines uniform as much as I could to look like "metal".

Working progress video here
My second entry - Varakath, the Waxen on candlestick!
He is a candle himself

UPDATE: We will also not be accepting AI generated art, including fixing up and editing AI generated art.

It's a decision and a concept as well.

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For this year's talent competition, we will not be accepting written/text based submissions such as poems or short stories

Wow. Okay then. -.-
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